Date UNST 161A, Design and Society, Daily Record
Winter 2008 - UNST 161A, Design and Society, Daily Record

  1. Unit Introspection
    Monday Jan. 7, 2008
    Due Today: NA
    Class Topic:
            What are we doing this quarter.
                    Todays notes.
                    1 page syllabus. The full syllabus is here.
                    What do we expect to learn (UNST Goals)
                    Units: Collapse,Katrina, Sustainable Design, Robots
                    Products: Group Presentations, Debate, Term Paper, Mini Portfolio, Robot Project
                    Tracking preparation (reading, quizzes, products for peer review, ...)       
            Evaluating Last Quarter
                    Review the course evaluations
                    Improving class preparation.
                    Improving class participation.
                    Brainstorm: improving this quarter. Results of brainstorm.
            In class writing exercise. Reflect on last quarter.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Preparing for the Mini Portfolio.
            Guide to Publishing on the Internet
                    webpages, links, documents, HTML
                    public HTML directories
            The Reading assignment study guide.
    Assigned today:
            Read "Collapse": Prologue: A Tale of Two Farms
                (pp. 1 - 25) Due 01-09-08. See the study guide
            Writing: Pick a University Studies Goal, and give two strategies 
                on how you personally will make progress on accomplishing that goal.

  2. Unit Collapse
    Wednesday Jan. 9, 2008
    Due Today:
            Read "Collapse": Prologue: A Tale of Two Farms (pp. 1 - 25)
    Class Topic:
            Quiz on Collapse Prologue
            Todays notes.
            A discussion of how to read a book or paper.
            Collapse Unit Overview. 5 point framework.
            Discussion of key points in Collapse Prologue.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Making a simple webpage with basic HTML
    Assigned Today:
            Read "Collapse": Chapt. 1: Under Montanna's Big Sky (pp. 26 - 76) 
               Due 01-14-08. See the study guide for reading pointers.
            Mini Portfolio. This is a quarter long assignment. Due Monday Mar. 10, 2008. More details to follow.

  3. Monday Jan. 14, 2008
    Due Today:
            Read "Collapse": Chapt. 1: Under Montanna's Big Sky (pp. 26 - 76)
            Two hard copies of Writing assignment 1.
    Class Topic:
            Quiz on Collapse Chapter 1 (Montana)
            Distribute Chapters to Groups for Oral Presentations 
            "Important Ideas in Montana Chapter" activity.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Mentor session plan.
            Peer review sheet of Writing assignment 1.
            Create electronic connections between Montana Actvity reports, and email to Liz.
    Assigned today:
            Read "Collapse": Chapt. 2: Twilight at Easter (pp. 77 - 119). 
                  Fill in the worksheet as you read. Due 01-16-08
            Decide: Each group Chooses a different chapter of Collapse for future presentation.

  4. Wednesday Jan. 16, 2008
    Due Today:
            Read "Collapse": Chapt. 2: Twilight at Easter (pp. 77 - 119)
               hand in the worksheet at the beginning of class.
    Class Topic:
            A mock Easter Island Presentation
            Reading a paper activity
                    Read Capitalism and Collapse: contradictions of Jared Diamondís market meliorist strategy to save the humans.
                    Use the reading .
    Mentor-session Activity:worksheet
            Continue work on the reading worksheet.
            Discuss the paper Capitalism and Collapse: contradictions of Jared Diamondís market meliorist strategy to save the humans.
            Group work on Presentation. 
                    Get organized.
                    Find other sources (assign people to follow up).
    Assigned today:
            Oral Presentation. 
                Each group will prepare an oral presentation for Jan. 28 or Jan. 30.
            Read the paper "Confuse: How Jared Diamond fails to Convince"
                Use the Hook analysis, to prepare a 1 page impact statement. Due Wed. Jan. 23.
            Extra Credit: Attend the "Jonathan Demme documentary" on Friday or Saturday
                    Write a 1 page report, Handin and give a 2 min talk on Wed, Jan 23.
            Jonathan Demme's latest documentary, New Home Movies from the Lower 9th Ward
            7 pm, Friday January 18 and Saturday January 19
            5th Avenue Cinema (Hall & 5th SW)
            Free Admission 
            For more information, please contact Kimberly Willson-St. Clair, 503.725.4552

  5. Monday Jan. 21, 2008
    Martin Luther King Holiday - No Class 

  6. Wednesday Jan. 23, 2008
    Due Today:
     Reading "Confuse: How Jared Diamond fails to Convince"
            Turn in the Hook analysis impact statement.
    Class Topic:
            Movie: Katrina.
            Lottery for Presentation times.
            Notes on How to give a talk.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Group Practice Presentation.
            Play with Power Point. Creating slides, Inserting images.
            Extra Credit Reports.
    Assigned Today:
            Extra Credit. Particpate in the focus the nation global warming event.
                    write a 1 page paper, and report to the class.

  7. Monday Jan. 28, 2008
    Due Today:
            Collapse oral presentations
            Slides for talks emailed to me by 10:00 am Today  
    Class Topic:
            Give Group Presentations I (schedule and links to presentations).
            Presentation grading rubric.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Mini portfolio template.
            Early Term Feedback Form. CRN = 45111
            The structure of a debate. See the link.
    Assigned today:
            Read "Collapse":  
                    Chapt. 14. Why do some societies make Disastrous Decisions. (pp. 419-440)
                            Chapt14 worksheet. Due: Monday Feb 4, 2008
                    Chapt. 16. What does it all mean to us today. (pp. 486-525)
                            Chapt16 worksheet. Due: Monday Feb 4, 2008

  8. Wednesday Jan. 30, 2008
    Due Today:
            Collapse oral presentations
            Slides for talks emailed to me by 10:00 am Today  
    Class Topic:
             Give Group Presentations II (schedule and links to presentations).
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Decide debate topics and teams.
            Work on Annotated Bibliography
    Assigned Today:
            Winter research paper:  Theme "Was Katrina a Modern Day Collapse". Due 02-20-08
                    Resource: The Katrina Reading List.
            Writing: Create an Annotated Bibliography for the research paper. Due 02-06-08
            Reading: 6 Reasons We Lost New Orleans. Due 02-06-08
                follow the link, then click on the PDF Full Text link. Due 02-06-08 

  9. Unit Katrina
    Monday Feb. 4, 2008
    Due Today:
           Reading worksheet for Chapters 14 & 16.  
    Class Topic:
           Collapse. What does it mean for us today?
           Where do they stand worksheet
                  Bring the previously graded Hook analysis (from the Morris paper) and
                  the reading worksheet (from the Smith paper) and the
                  Smith and Morris papers themselves to class for reference.
           What happened in New Orleans
           Social Justice
           Analyze decision making
    Mentor-session Activity:
           Choosing Debate teams.
           Debate preparation.
    Assigned today:
           Reading: Two required papers. Due 02-11-08
                    Understanding Katrina and 
                    The Loss Of New Orleans Wasn't Just A Tragedy. It Was A Plan
           Debate: Prepare one side of a debate on Katrina inspired subject.

  10. Wednesday Feb. 6, 2008
    Due Today:
            Be sure you've read 6 Reasons We Lost New Orleans. There is no worksheet.
            Writing: Hand in the Annotated Bibliography at start of class.
    Class Topic:
            3 Katrina Debates 24 minutes each.
            Debate grading rubric.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Six kinds of Invention when writing.
            Visit Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming is Changing the World
    Assigned Today:
            Writing: Create an outline for research paper. Due 02-11-08

  11. Unit Sustainable Design
    Monday Feb. 11, 2008
    Due Today:
            Writing: 2 copies of an outline for research paper due today. The second copy
                     will be used in mentor session.
            Reading: Understanding Katrina and 
                     The Loss Of New Orleans Wasn't Just A Tragedy. It Was A Plan
    Class Topic:
            Movie: The Next Industrial Revolution.
            Grade yourself and teamates on debate.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Writing activity
            Peer evaluation of outline.
    Assigned today:       
            Writing: write a first draft of research paper. Due in class 02-13-08
            Read Chapt 1 "They Say" pp 17-27 from the text They Say, I Say.
                    Chapter 1  studyguide.
            Read the Design Manifesto, and fill in the worksheet.
            Extra Credit
                    National Conference on Student Leadership Online Seminar
                    Sign up for a FREE online Sustainability seminar on February 14! 

  12. Wednesday Feb. 13, 2008
    Due Today:
            Writing: 2 copies of First draft of paper due today. (To be used in Mentor Session)
            Design Manifesto worksheet
    Class Topic:
            Sustainable design
            Notes on Cradle to Cradle
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Election Discussion
    Assigned Today:
            Writing: Final draft of research paper. Due in class 02-25-08
            Read Chapt 2 "Her Point is: The Art of Summarizing" pp 28-38 from the text They Say, I Say.
                    Turn in the worksheet on Monday, Feb 18, 2008
            Read The Seven Steps to Doing Good Business.

  13. Monday Feb. 18, 2008
    Due Today:
            They Say, I Say, Chapt 2 worksheet.
            Be prepared to discuss The Seven Steps to Doing Good Business.
    Class Topic:
            Recap notes on Cradle to Cradle
            "Seven steps" Discussion.
            Design parameters for a new primary election system.
                    we brainstormed a few parameters.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Peer feedback on first drafts
            Using strategies from They Say, I Say
    Assigned today:
            Read Chapt 3 "As He Himself Puts It: The Art of Quoting" pp 39-47 from the text "They Say, I Say".
            Read The Inevitability Trap.
                    Essay Quiz (20 minutes) on Wednesday where you are expected to use the "They Say, I Say"
                     templates and strategies to answer 1 or 2 questions. This product
                     will be used in Mentor Session.
            Create 1-2 page design for a new primary election system .                

  14. Wednesday Feb. 20, 2008
    Due Today:
            Be prepared for Essay Quiz on The Inevitability Trap.      
            Turn in 1-2 page design for a new primaruy election system.
    Class Topic:
           Using humour to view the election.
           Practice the They Say, I Say templates and strategies.
           Sustainable Design techniques, manifesto
    Mentor-session Activity:
            PSU selfguided sustainability tour
            Kit inventory
    Assigned Today:
            Please read pages 1-1 through 1-47 from the Lego Robots book.
            The goal is to familiarize yourself with the pieces which we will use on Monday.
    Extra Credit:  
            Bill Reed of Integrative Design Collaborative will give a talk about sustainable design.
            Wednesday, February 27, 2008, Time 5:30 pm PT - 7:30 pm PT
            Art Institute of Portland
            1122 NW Davis St.
            Portland, OR 
            The talk is free, but register here.
            Attend and write a 1-2 page paper, and give a report to the class for extra credit.

  15. Unit Robots
    Monday Feb. 25, 2008
    Due Today: 
            Winter research paper, Final Draft Due in class today.
            Reading pages 1-1 through 1-47 from the Lego Robots book.
    Class Topic:
            Intro to Lego-unit. hardware and examples.
            Label, and Sort kits, sign forms.
            Notes on the use of gears  (powerpoint or pdf).
            Robot team assignment.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Set up Lego-Team Blog.
            Identify and familiarize yourself with the lego parts.
            Browse the Robotics Academy website.
            Build something from the manual.
    Assigned today:
            Lego Parts worksheet.
            Drag Racer project.

  16. Wednesday Feb. 27, 2008
    Due Today:
            Lego Parts worksheet due today.
    Class Topic:
            Build and Race Drag Racer. Section 1.10.2 page 1-49
            Notes on building tips (powerpoint or pdf).
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Work on Mini-Portfolio.
    Assigned Today:
            Tug of War project. Due Wed. March 5, 2008.

  17. Monday Mar. 3, 2008
    Due Today: 
            Begin Design of "Tug of War" Robot.
    Class Topic:
            Notes on programming (powerpoint or pdf).
            Simple On-Off program.
            Notes on sensors (powerpoint or pdf).
            Tug of war designs. Section 2.1.3 page 2-5
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Software for USB towers is installed on machines C02, C05, C08 and C11.
            Watch these web-based video Videos and Presentations.
            Reproduce the Simple On-Off program. Using the Tower. (warning, 1st time 4 minute firmware delay).  
    Assigned today:
            Work on Tug of War.

  18. Wednesday Mar. 5, 2008
    Due Today:
            Tug of War project due today.
    Class Topic:
            Notes on light sensors (powerpoint or pdf).
            Notes on loops and jumps (powerpoint or pdf).
            Tug of War Competition.
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Notes on waiting for sensors (powerpoint or pdf).
    Assigned Today:
           The Wallace and Gromet Robot Challenge is cancelled.
              a simpler assignment will be assigned Monday, due on Wednesday.

  19. Monday Mar. 10, 2008
    Due Today: 
            Mini Portfolio due today.  Grading Rubric
            Wallace and Gromet projects was cancelled.
    Class Topic:
            Notes on conditional statmements (powerpoint or pdf).
            Notes on containers (powerpoint or pdf).
            Programming Music Demo
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Study and improve mini portfolios
                    Links to class member's portfolios
    Assigned today:
            Simple assignment that replaces Wallace and Gromet.
            Final Robot Project. Due Thursday Mar. 20, 2008.
                A 1 page description of project is due in class Wednesday, MArch 12, 2008.

  20. Wednesday Mar. 12, 2008
    Due Today:
            Hand in 1 Page Robo lab final challenge Description
    Class Topic:
            Begin work on Final Robot Challenge
    Mentor-session Activity:
            End of term evaluation CRN = 45111
    Assigned Today:

  21. Unit Evaluation and Reflection
    Thursday Mar. 20, 2008
    Final Exam time: 12:30 -14:20
            Demo Robot final Projects.
            Links to Robot Team Blogs
            Final Project grading rubric.
            Robot Inventory

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