2009 - UNST 181B, Cyner Millenium, Daily Record, Winter Term
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Fall Term Daily Record.

    How do scientists work?
  1. Monday January 5, 2009
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
    	Winter term syllabus
    	Fall Evaluations
    		Best Parts of Class.
    		Things Prof. Sheard could do better.
    		Things I could do to improve.
    	The organization of Science
    		The Scientific Method
    		Stokes Matrix explained by Corliss Baldwin
    	Science and Society
    		The Social Contract
    		Read and discuss Science's New Social Contract With Society (Nature, 402, C-81)
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Explore the NSF short paragraph assignment
    Assigned today:
    	Vannever Bush, architect of the post WWII social contract with science, also
    	wrote an interesting prophetic paper As We May Think.
    		Read it, and fill in and return the reading guide.

  2. Wednesday January 7, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Read As We May Think and turn in the reading guide.
    	Turn in the Explore the NSF short paragraphs from mentor session.
    Class Topic:
    	Discuss the prophetic properties of As We May Think.
    	Scientific Method Activity - Dice Experiment
    		Creating a scatter-plot in Excell.
    	How the NSF works.
    		call for proposals
    		proposal submission process
    		What does a proposal look like?
    		Proposal review
    		Executing a grant (a typical budget)
    	Week 1 review questions
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Excell Spread sheets
    	New experiment
    Assigned today:
    	Read Vannevar Bush's other paper Science The Endless Frontier
    		Hand in the worksheet on Monday, Jan 12, 2009.

    Genetic Engineering
  3. Monday January 12, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Endless Frontier worksheet due today.
    	What is Science?
    Class Topic:
    	4 and 5 Die results from mentor session
    	Computing expected results
    	The structure of DNA
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Read Watson and Crick's original paper. One page
    	DNA sequencing tutorial. Answer the questions.
    	For another view see the Nova animation. Play the "Sequence Yourself" animation
    Assigned today:
    	Read Why genetic engineering is advantageous for humankind
    		   turn in the worksheet

  4. Wednesday January 14, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Turn in the worksheet for Why genetic engineering is advantageous for humankind.
    	You can now sign up for appointments at the Writing Center.
    	   There are also drop-in hours at the Library (second floor) every weekday from 9 - 1.
    	   and daily drop-in hours every weekday afternoon at the Writing Center (Cramer Hall, Room 188).
    	Be sure you have the book Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
    Class Topic:
    	Discuss Why genetic engineering is advantageous for humankind.
    	What is Genetic Engineering.
    	Small group writing activity.
    		Read The Myths of Agricultural Biotechnology: some ethical questions.
    		Break into small goups of 4. As a group write a paragraph comparing
    		one section of Why genetic engineering is advantageous for humankind
    		with The Myths of Agricultural Biotechnology: some ethical questions.
    		The goal is to wordsmith a well constructed argument, that is
    		grammatical and interesting. Put everyones name on it.
    		Use a word processor, and email it to professor Sheard in Mentor session.
    	Week 2 review questions
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Compute the odds of winning at Craps.
    Assigned today:
    	Read Genetic Engineering: The Future of Foods?. To be used in class Jan 26.
    	Begin reading Oryx and Crake, Chapters 1-4, pages 3 - 92. Due Wed. Jan 21.

  5. Monday January 19, 2009
    	Martin Luther King Holiday
    	PSU is closed
    	Be sure and get started on Chapters 1-4 of Oryx and Crake.

  6. Wednesday January 21, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Oryx and Crake, Chapters 1-4, pages 3 - 92. To be used in mentor session.
    Class Topic:
    	Guest Lecture by Grace Dillion
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Mentor Session CANCELLED
    Assigned today:
        Read  Synthetic Life:, By W. Wayt Gibbs, Scientific American, April 26, 2004.
    	Read Chapters 5-7, Oryx and Crake, pages 95-169.

  7. Monday January 26, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Know material from Genetic Engineering: The Future of Foods? for in class activity.
    Class Topic:
    	Discuss Class Mentor situation
    	Build an outline of the positions of the FDA.
    	Read 13 Myths about Genetic Engineering.
    	How to write a paragraph.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Write a paragraph or two in small groups.
    Assigned today:
    	Read Chapters 8-11, Oryx and Crake, pages 173-280

    Oryx and Crake
  8. Wednesday January 28, 2009
    Due Today: Chapters 8-11 of Oryx and Crake.
    	Are you interested in any of the following?
    		* Priority class registration for the next term
    		* In depth academic advising
    		* Scholarship, employment, and internship referrals and assistance
    		* Quiet study area, student lounge, and computer lab just for students in the program
    		* Laptop loaner program
    	Learn more about PSU's Student Support Services/Educational Opportunity Program and see if you are eligible.
    Class Topic:
    	Review small group paragraphs.
    	Free write on Oryx and Crake.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Continue with "Oryx and Crake" Free write
    Assigned today:
    	Finish Reading Oryx and Crake, Chapters 12-15,  pages 283-374

  9. Monday February 2, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Free write due in class. 3 parts.
    	Free workshops
    Class Topic:
    	Discuss Free-write Back Stories
    	Go-over the 5 part Research Paper assignment
    	New Historicism
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Read two reviews of Oryx and Crake.
    Assigned today:
    	New Historicism assignment Due Wednesday Feb. 4.

  10. Wednesday February 4, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Oryx and Crake review Mentor session worksheet emailed to Prof. Sheard by 11:00 am today.
    	New Historicism assignment Due. Bring to class.
    Class Topic:
    	Discuss New Historicism examples
    	Discuss Oryx and Crake reviews
    	Ethical Principles from chapter 3 of Business Ethics by Joseph Weiss.
    	Etical decisions in Oryx and Crake group activity
    	Discussion of Oryx and Crake
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Library Hunt
    Assigned today:
    	Research Paper. Part 1 due Monday Feb 9.
    	Read chapter 3 of Business Ethics by Joseph Weiss.

    Ethics and Social Responsibilty
  11. Monday February 9, 2009
    Due Today:
    	 Research Paper. Part 1 due today. Give to Bridger in Mentor Session.
    	 Chapter 3 of Business Ethics should be read by today.
    Class Topic:
    	Read What Is Ethics? by  by Manuel Velasquez, Claire Andre, Thomas Shanks, S.J., and Michael J. Meyer.
    	Read Who Owns Genetic Material
    		The Case Study as a Research Method
    	Making an Ethical Decision
    	Stake holder analysis
    		Identify ethical principles guiding stake holders.
    		Identifiy natural affinities.
    		Brain storm win-win scenarios.
    		Are there related issues?
    		What other questions should we ask?
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Resource Search Lab
    	Give Research Paper. Part 1 to Bridger.
    Assigned today:
    	Research Paper Annotated Bibliography Due Wed. Feb 11, 2009.

  12. Wednesday February 11, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Research Paper. Part 2 due today
    	A HREF="http://cs.pdx.edu/~sheard/course/CyberMil/Doc/NAFilmFestivalFeastPSU.pdf">Native American Film Festival, Monday Feb. 16, 2009
    Class Topic:
    	Group Case Studies
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Collaborative Ethics
    Assigned today:
    	Finish case study worksheet and prepare groupm presentation for Monday Feb. 16, 2009

  13. Monday February 16, 2009
    Due Today:
    	case study worksheet and group presentation
    Class Topic:
    	Case study presentations
    	Science and Ethics
    		Stanley Milgram and the Obedience Experiment
    			Milgram's The Perils of Obedience
    		ABC News Reenactment
    		The Heist
    		A PSU UNST student's  perspective.
    		Dark History of Medical Experimentation
    			Chronological listing
    			Top 10 Evil Experiments
    		NIH Guidelines
    	Human Experiments Review Boards
    		PSU form
    	Ethical Principles (Medical,theories)
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Milgram Experiment Activity
    	Judgement at Nurenburg
    Assigned today:
    	Research Paper. Part 3 due Wednesday, Feb. 18, 2009
    	Read the following short articles about equal opportunity in the Computer Science Field
    		Women Undergraduate Enrollment in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT
    		Diversity Plan University of Southern Maine
    		NY Times Article. Nov. 15, 2008
    		Fill in the worksheet for Wednesday Feb. 18, 2009.

    Equal Opportunity in the Sciences
  14. Wednesday February 18, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Research Paper. Part 3 due today
    	Women in Computer Science Worksheet due today.
    Class Topic:
    	Equal opportunity in the sciences. Many Eyes visualization
    	Discuss the Women in Computer Science Worksheet
    	Read and discuss  Women in Computing, by Philip Greenspun.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Using Excell to Visualize Data
    Assigned today:
    	Read an excert from "Unlocking the Clubhouse" available as a free preview on google books.
    	   read pages 15-32 (Some pages are missing, don't worry, just read what you can).
    	Then read a book review of the book.
    	Then read a short follow up story of what happened at Carnegie Melln University
    		Write a single paragraph. Due Monday Feb 23, 2009
    		Come to class prepared to discuss what you read.

  15. Monday February 23, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Single paragraph. Due today
    	The winter term Advising Day will take place in the lounge in front of
    	FRINQ labs (first floor Cramer Hall) on Wednesday, February 25th, from 10am-2pm.
    Class Topic:
    	Good paragraphs: one, two, three.
    	Rodalind Franklin
    		Nova interview transcript of Dr. Lynne Osman Elkin
    		Book review of "Rosalind Franklin: The Dark Lady of DNA"
    		Short decription from WGBH
    		Venture Mind blog about Watson and Franklin
    	Watch the video The Secret of Photo 451
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	A tour of data sources on the web.
    Assigned today:
    	Read about how to make graphs from "Seeing Through Statistics" by Jesica Utts.
    	Create a graph from data. Due Monday, March 2, 2009

  16. Wednesday February 25, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Research Paper. Part 4 due today
    Class Topic:
    	Sign up for individual meetings about rough drafts.
    	Notes from Women in Science: An Exploration of Barriers
    	The comments say more than the article
    	Read The Freedom to Say No, The Boston Globe
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Work on graph from data assignment.
    Assigned today:

  17. Monday March 2, 2009
    Due Today:
    	The graph from data is due today
    Class Topic:
        Student Graphs
    	Notes on Luddites, Neo-Ludism, and Technophobia
    	Read Luddism and its Discontents (by Paul Lindholt) - A book review of "Rebels Against the Future" (by Kirkpatrick Sale)
    	Links to Dystopian views of Technology
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Luddite cartoon search. Results.
    	graphing data with multiple variables intro
    Assigned today:
    	Multiple variable graphs. Due Monday, March 9, 2009

  18. Wednesday March 4, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Research Paper. Part 5, Final Draft due today
    Class Topic:
    	View and discuss results of the Luddite cartoon search.
    	Discussion from Rebels Against the Future
    	Unabomber video
    	Unabombers effect on the internet
    	Unabombers Letter to David Galernter
    	Bombers effects on victim many years later.
    	Getting started on group project
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Creating graphs with multiple variables
    	Group grading policy
    		Group evaluation form
    		List of final project groups
    		Group activity log.
    Assigned today:
    	Final Group Project. Due Thursday, March 19, 2009

  19. Monday March 9, 2009
    Due Today:
    	Multiple variable graphs. Due today.
    Class Topic:
    	How to give a talk
    	Sample 10 minute powerpoint presentation
    	Final group project organization time.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Creating powerpoint slides
    	Using gradng rubrics
    	Using the practice presentation room at the library.
    Assigned today:

  20. Wednesday March 11, 2009
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
    	Thinking like a computer. Guest activity led by Lois DelCambre and Cindy Brown.
    		 A link to Lois's Computer Science for Beginners class
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Mid-Year evaluation forms
    	What to turn in for the final project
    Assigned today:

  21. Thursday March 19, 2009
    Final Exam Block: 12:30-14:20
    Final Group Project powerpoint presentations.
         Ethical Utilitarianism (group 1)
         Ethical Relativism (group 2)
         Justice based ethics (group 3)
         Rights based ethics (group 4)
         Ethical Universalism (group 5)
         Ethical Egoism (group 6)
    Be sure and bring the bound final project report to class.
      Don't forget to answer the group evaluation survey. It is part of your grade.
    	Group 1
    	Group 2
    	Group 3
    	Group 4
    	Group 5
    	Group 6
    Next term book: The Singularity is Near by Ray Kurzweil.
    End of Term Celebration.

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