Spring 2008 - UNST 181B, Cyber Millenium, Freshman Inquiry

Instructor: Tim Sheard
Office: FAB 120-04
phone: 503-725-2410
course meeting time: Monday & Wednesday 12:30-1:45 pm
course meeting place: Cramer Hall 201
mentor-session meeting place: Cramer Hall 194
mentor: Bridger Wineman, bwineman@pdx.edu

This course is a Freshman Inquiry course run by the University Studies program.

The Daily Record lists what assignments are due, what assignments are assigned, what the class topics are, and what the mentor-session topics are for each day of the class. Links to everything we do in class are kept here. This information is constantly updated. You should bookmark the daily record page.
The daily record for the Fall term is here.
The daily record for the Winter term is here.
The Haskell programming resource page.

Syllabus. A list of coures goals, and topics covered in the course.

Text books. A listing of pertinent information about the required textbooks and readings.

The Class Gallery

My files on my H drive.