2008 - UNST 181B, Cyner Millenium, Daily Record, Fall Term
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    The Educated Person and the Role of the University
  1. Monday September 29, 2008
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
            Today's notes
            Goals & Strategies. Univerity Studies Goals
            Facts of Life
            	Tutoring Resources
            	Students First Success Program
            1/2 the sum game (critical thinking)
    Mentor-session Activity:
            Get an Odin account.
            	Bookmark the Daily Record
            Prior Learning Survey
            	click "Our Program", "Assessment", "Take Survey", "Prior Learning Survey"
            	use the number on the sticker given out in mentor session.
            Ice Breaker
    Assigned today:
            Personal Goal Writing Assignment. Due Wed Oct. 1, 2008.

  2. Wednesday October 1, 2008
    Due Today:
        1 page Personal Goal due in class today.
    Class Topic:
    	View the class gallery to learn classmates names.
    	Student Note Taker (DRC).
    	Writing Center Notes.
    	Notes on reading a paper
    	Are machines intelligent? Brainstorm what it means to be intelligent.
    	Views from the popular media about machine intellignece.
    		The 50 best robot movies.
    		10 top movie robots
    		Androids and Robots in the  movies
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Talk to Eliza
    	Review the Turing Paper Reading Guide
    	Campus Tour. Visit:
    		Writing Center.
    		Student Health Center
    Assigned today:
    	Read Alan Turing's 1950 paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence 
    		Complete and hand in the Turing Paper Reading Guide on Monday, Oct 6.

    The Nature of Intelligence
  3. Monday October 6, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Turing Paper Reading Guide due today.
    Class Topic:
    		Education Abroad
    		Library News-Letter
    		Mark your calendar - Computer Science Dept. Freshman Reception.
    				     Thursday Oct 16, 4:00-6:0pm, SMU 228
    	Discussion of Syllabus
    	Notes on Turing's paper
    	A timeline of the events discussed in Alan Turings paper
    	The Alan Turing Scrapbook
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Explore the Students First Website
    	Read Joseph Weizembaum's article
    		Fill in the worksheet, and hand it in at the end of mentor session.
    Assigned today:
    	Read Turing's critics. Take notes on what you read.
    		Bring the notes to class. The notes will be used for an inclass exercise.
    		Be sure your name is on the notes. Try and answer the questions found in
    		the notes on reading a paper.

  4. Wednesday October 8, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Notes on Turing's critics to be used in class today.
    Class Topic:
    	Announcement - SHAC Walkin hours, Cramer 117, Tuesday 10:00-1:00
    	             - McNair Student Scholarship Program.
    	             - Paul Theroux speaks at PSU
    	             - Invitation to attend the Computer Science Freshman Reception.
    	The Halting Problem. Proof, and in poetry a la Dr. Seuss
    	The Loebner Prize
    	Lessons from a Restricted Turing Test
    	Work in Groups to summarize both sides of Turings argument.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Fill in the note takers peer review worksheet.
    	Talk to Alice, the 2000, 2001, 2004, Loebner Prize Winner.
    	Sign up for an individual meeting with Prof Sheard.
    Assigned today:
    	Begin reading chapters 1-2 of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (pp 3-26).
    	be prepared to discuss in class on Monday Oct 13.

    Computers in Popular Culture
  5. Monday October 13, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Sign ups for Individual meetings with professor Sheard
    	Chapters 1 & 2 read. pp 3-26
    Class Topic:
    	Group Work Dynamics
    	Group Activity: setting the scene.
    		Here are the 100 word essays from the setting the scene group project.
    	Group Activity Evaluation.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Create some ideas on how to grade group work
    		Each mentor session is to come up with a proposal for grading group work
    		Create a document, present it to class on wednesday.
    Assigned today:
    	Read chapters 3-7 of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (pp 27-83)
        Be sure and fill out the Chapt. 3-7 worksheet.

  6. Wednesday October 15, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Read chapters 3-7 (pp. 27-83)
    Class Topic:
    	Announcement: Don't forget to attend the CS Freshman Reception.
    		Dark Horse Celebration
    	Academic Advising for Freshman.
    	Reports from mentor sessions on group work grading proposals
    	Create a group grading policy
    	Ways of Writing - Generating ideas strategies.
    	Chapters 3-7 free write.
    	Praise for a Good Dog, an example of free writing
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Find a partner.  Read your partner's essay.
    	Exchange comments
    	Revise your work, using the looping strategy.
    	create an electronic text document
    Assigned today:
    	Read chapters 8-13 pp. 84-153. Due Monday Oct 20.
    	Revise free write work. Due in class Monday Oct 20.

  7. Monday October 20, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Reading chapters 8-13 pp. 84-153. due today
    	Revised free write due today.
    Class Topic:
    	Announcement: University Success Program
    	Review Group grading policy
    	Presentations of free write work
    	Discuss chapters 8-13
    	Democratic Election Standards
    	The Help America Vote Act
    	Create Debate Teams
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Early Term Assessment survey
    	Research Debate Techniques. See the link.
    Assigned today:
    	Read chapters 14-23 pp. 154-244. This finishes the book.

  8. Wednesday October 22, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Read chapters 14-23 pp. 154-244. This finishes the book.
    Class Topic:
    	Watch: "Blade Runner"
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Continue watching "Blade Runner"
    Assigned today:
        Team Debates assigned today. Debates Held Monday, Nov 3. 2008

  9. Monday October 27, 2008
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
            Guest Discussion Leader: Leslie Batchelder
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	See  Prof. Sheard on the Great Wall of China
    Assigned today: Read:
    	Clive Thompson, Can You Count on Voting Machines?, New York Times Magazine, January 6, 2008

    Issues in Cyber Space
  10. Wednesday October 29, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Clive Thompson, N.Y. Times article, due today.
    Class Topic:
    	Review Debate grading procedure.
    	Trust and Voting machines.
    		Notes from class discussion
    	Voting Mixups
    	Freedom to tinker
    	Princeton Studies on Voting
    	California review of voting machines
    	Pvote open source voting machine software. A Ph.D. thesis
    		A video about Pvote
    	The Acurate Voting Center
    	Ed Felten's blog entries on Freedom to Tinker on recent New Jersey election issues.
    	Judge Surpreses Voting Machine Study
            Other interesting links about electronic voting issues.
            Computerized Registration lists
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Work on Team Debates.
    	Be sure and keep grading documents as described in Team Grading Policy
    Assigned today:

  11. Monday November 3, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Team debates held today.
    Class Topic:
    	Team debates
    	grading procedure
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	drafting thesis statements.
    	Explore links for voting essay.
    Assigned today:
    	Essay on role of computer technology in the voting process. Due Wed, Nov 5.
    	4 Part, Term Paper
    	Team debate self and peer evaluation sheet

  12. Wednesday November 5, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Role of computer technology essay due today.
    		Bring 2 copies to class and mentor session.
    	Self and peer evaluation sheet due today
    Class Topic:
    	Announcment: Engineering Tutoring times.
    	Libray Visit. Meet with Michael Bowman, Cyborg-Library Liason
    	   meet in Room 160, which is across from the elevators on the 1st floor of the Library.
    	   Be on time.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Peer review on Voting and Computers essay.
    	Get started on annotated bibliography. Here are some hints.
    Assigned today:
    	Fall term-paper part 1 annotated bibliography assigned. Due Nov 10.

  13. Monday November 10, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Fall term-paper, part 1,  annotated bibliography due in class.
    		Bring library materials and hard copy.
    Class Topic:
    	Announcement and Extra Credit Activity
    	Election topic wrap-up issues.
    	The term paper process
    	How to read a paper. notes.
    	How to read an assignment
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Thesis Statement workshop
    	Activities to generate a thesis statement
    		Write a list of questions you might ask
    		which ones do you most care about
    		write new questions relating to the one you care about
    		Create a theory that answers your new questions
    		Is their a paradox or constradiction?
    		how can you explain it?
    	Activity from Ways of Writing (pages 70-71 72).
    Assigned today:
    	Fall term-paper part 2 Thesis and Outline assigned. Due Nov. 12.
    	Read: Ethnographic Study of the Effects of Facebook.com on Interpersonal Relationships
    		Answer the 8 questions asked in the survey, bring the answers to class on Wednesday.

  14. Wednesday November 12, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Fall term-paper part 2 Thesis and Outline due today.
    	Bring the 8 questions asked in the survey to class.
    Class Topic:
    	5 core rules for writing. notes.
    	Tally the Facebook survey for our class.
    	case study - Technology and social interaction
    		What is social interaction
    		How do we know when it is good? or bad?
    		How does technology magnify the good? or the bad?
    	Small Group exercise. come up with several cases where
    		technology is used in a good way in social interaction, and where it used in bad way.
    		results of the small group exercise.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Rewrite bad paragraph using core rules.
    Assigned today:
    	Fall term-paper, part 3, First draft assigned. Due Nov. 19.

  15. Monday November 17, 2008
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
    	Announcement Frinq Advising Day Thursday, November 20, 2008 10am-2pm
    	List of technology enabled interpersonal relationships.
    	Evaluating interpersonal relationships.
    		At the workplace Interpersonal Standards
    	Effects of technology. How does it magnify relationships?
    	Going deeper, A guided walk through of todays assignment.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	"Jacking into the Brain", By Gary Stix
    Assigned today:
    	Interpersonal relationship assignment.
    		discovery, analysis, synthesis. See walk through for an example.
    		1 Page powerpoint. Due Monday Nov. 24

  16. Wednesday November 19, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Fall term-paper, part 3, First draft, due today
    		Bring 2 hard copies to class.
    Class Topic:
    	What makes a strong Thesis
    	Classifying your work
    		example portfolios
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	powerpoint skills
    	Peer review of first drafts.
    Assigned today:
    	Fall term miniportfolio assignment.

  17. Monday November 24, 2008
    Due Today:
    	1 Page powerpoint due today
    Class Topic:
    	First Draft comments returned.
    	One Page powerpoint
    	Notes on Absoulute and Relative Links
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	Web based software
    	Unix Html Drive - Publishing websites.
    	Bring Projector
    Assigned today:
    	Fall term-paper, part 4, Final Draft assigned. Due Dec. 3, 2008

  18. Wednesday November 26, 2008
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
    	No Class today
    	Work on miniportfolio
    	Work on final draft
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	No Mentor Session
    Assigned today:

  19. Monday December 1, 2008
    Due Today:
    Class Topic:
    	Inclusion / Exclusion
    	A Class Divided
    Mentor-session Activity:
    Assigned today:

  20. Wednesday December 3, 2008
    Due Today:
    	Fall term-paper, part 4, Final Draft due today
    Class Topic:
    	Finish 1 page powerpoint.
    	View the last 2 parts of A Class Divided.
    	Right Handed Privelege exercise.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    	End of Term Assesment.
    	Review parameters of miniportfolio.
    	Exercise on building webpages. Translating powerpoint and word documents.
    Assigned today:

  21. Thursday December 11, 2008
    Final Exam Block: 12:30-14:20
    Mini portfolio presentations.
    Links to students portfolios
    End of Term Celebration.

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