Cynthia A. Brown

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Dr. Brown received her Ph.D. in Mathematics from the University of Michigan in 1977. She was on the faculty of the Computer Science Department at Indiana University until 1982, and a member of the technical staff at GTE laboratories in Waltham, MA from 1982 until 1984. She joined the faculty of the College of Computer Science at Northeastern University in 1984, serving as Dean of the College from 1989 until 1993. During this period her professional interests included analysis of algorithms, particularly those involved in backtrack searching, and compiler front end design. In 1993 she moved to Portland, OR, where she worked on computerized commodities trading systems and wrote a newsletter about financial futures. She joined the faculty of Portland State University as Associate Chair of the Computer Science department in 1997, and was appointed department chair starting July 1, 1998. She stepped down as chair in 2008. Since then she has focused on teaching beginning programming to non-majors. Currently she does this using Excel VBA. She is retiring in January 2012.


I am specializing in teaching programming to non-majors, using Excel VBA. For more information, see the Excel VBA Programming web page.

Contact Information

Voice phone: 503.725.8251
Fax: 503.725.3211
Email: cbrown at
Mail address: Portland State University, CMPS, PO Box 751, Portland, OR 97207
Office location: 115-13 FAB, 1900 SW 4th Ave., Portland, OR 97201

Directions: We are at the south end of 4th avenue. My office is in the the Fourth Avenue Building, inside the main Computer Science suite.

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