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My name is John Lipor, and I am an Assistant Professor at Portland State University in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department.

My research focuses on the design and analysis of machine learning and signal processing algorithms, with applications in environmental sensing and monitoring. For a list of my publications, see below or check out my Google Scholar Profile.

You can reach me at lipor@pdx.edu or drop by my office in FAB 160-11.

Prospective Students

I am always interested in working with talented students who are interested in machine learning research. I am especially looking for students with strong coding skills who are excited to use tools from linear algebra, probability, and optimization to design and analyze algorithms. Please email me your resume/CV, an example of some code you’ve written, and the types of projects you’re interested in with the subject line, “Joining the Lipor Lab.”


University of Michigan

Ph.D. Electrical Engineering: Systems · December 2017

King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST)

M.S. Electrical Engineering · May 2013

University of Wisconsin, Madison

B.S. Electrical Engineering · December 2009


A Novel Framework for Deep Learning from Pairwise Constraints (Paper)
Published in Asilomar 2020
W. Sheng and J. Lipor

Subspace Clustering Using Ensembles of K-Subspaces (Paper) (Code)
Published in Information & Inference, 2020
J. Lipor, D. Hong, Y. Tan, and L. Balzano

Clustering Quality Metrics for Subspace Clustering (Paper) (Code)
Published in Pattern Recognition, Vol. 104, August 2020 (please email me if you are interested in code/data)
J. Lipor and L. Balzano

Optimal Adaptive Sampling for Boundary Estimation with Mobile Sensors (Paper)
Published in Asilomar 2019
P. Kearns, J. Lipor, and B. Jedynak

Distance-Penalized Active Learning via Markov Decision Processes (Paper)
Published in IEEE Data Science Workshop 2019
D. Wang, J. Lipor, and G. Dasarathy

A Supervised Learning Approach to Water Quality Parameter Prediction and Fault Detection (Paper)
Published in IEEE Big Data 2018
K. Joslyn and J. Lipor

Improving K-Subspaces via Coherence Pursuit (Paper) (Code)
Published in IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing, 2018
A. Gitlin, B. Tao, L. Balzano, and J. Lipor

Quantile Search with Time-Varying Search Parameter (Paper)
Published in Asilomar 2018
J. Lipor and G. Dasarathy

Distance-Penalized Active Learning Using Quantile Search (Paper) (Code)
Published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, 2017
J. Lipor, B. Wong, D. Scavia, B. Kerkez, and L. Balzano

Leveraging Union of Subspace Structure to Improve Constrained Clustering (Paper)
Published in ICML 2017
J. Lipor and L. Balzano

Margin-Based Active Subspace Clustering (Paper)
Published in IEEE CAMSAP 2015
J. Lipor and L. Balzano

Quantile Search: A Distance-Penalized Active Learning Algorithm for Spatial Sampling (Paper) (Expanded Version)
Published in Allerton 2015
J. Lipor, L. Balzano, B. Kerkez, and D. Scavia

Optimized Wavelength Selection for Molecular Absorption Thermometry (Paper)
Published in Applied Spectroscopy, Vol. 69, No. 4, pp. 464-472, April 2015
X. An, A.W. Caswell, J. Lipor, and S.T. Sanders

Robust Blind Calibration via Total Least Squares (Paper) (Code)
Published in IEEE ICASSP 2014
J. Lipor and L. Balzano

Closed Form Fourier-Based Transmit Beamforming for MIMO Radar (Paper) (Code)
Published in IEEE ICASSP 2014
J. Lipor, S. Ahmed, and M.-S. Alouini

Fourier-Based Transmit Beampattern Design Using MIMO Radar (Paper) (Code)
Published in IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Vol. 55, No. 8, pp. 4151-4161, May 2014
J. Lipor, S. Ahmed, and M.-S. Alouini

Seizure Detection using the Phase-Slope Index and Multichannel EcoG (Paper)
Published in IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Vol. 59, No. 4, pp. 1125-1134, April 2012
P. Rana, J. Lipor, H. Lee, W. van Drongelen, M.H. Kohrmann, and B. Van Veen

Determining the Optimum Wavelength Pairs to use for Molecular Absorption Thermometry Based on the Continuous-Spectral Lower-State Engergy (Paper)
Published in Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer, Vol. 112, No. 14, pp. 2355-2362, September 2011
X. An, A.W. Caswell, J. Lipor, and S.T. Sanders

Potential Use of UNCD Membranes as Boradband Vacuum Windowd at W-Band Frequencies (Paper)
Published in Vacuum Electronics Converence, 2008
D.M. Springmann, H. Sung-jin, J.H. Booske, S.M. Drezdon, J. Lipor, D.W. van der Weide, K. Montgomery