Turing Paper Reading Guide

Alan Turing's original paper on machines and intelligrence was written in 1950. This paper is 22 pages long. Some of it is hard to read. To help you understand the paper, and to enable to discuss the paper in class on Monday, I have prepared the following reading guide.

I expect it might take 2 or more hours to read and fill in the reading guide. Print out this guide and fill in the blanks. Bring both your marked up paper, and your filled in guide to class.

  1. Print out a copy of the paper. Mark up the paper as you read. Bring the marked up version of the paper to class. I will inspect your copy of the paper to see that you have done this.
  2. After you read be sure you know the meaning of the following terms. Write a sentence or two to describe each on of the following.
  3. It is important to have an historical perspective on some things. See if you can find answers to the following questions.
  4. I have printed 3 quotes from the paper below. Try and explain what point Turing was trying to make when he wrote each.

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