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Version 3.0.0 - 2/25/2002

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The Unofficial Claris Home Page
Frequently Asked Questions
A web site to support users of a simply powerful web design tool.

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February 25, 2002
Join the CHP FAQ discussion group
While CHP 3 is getting long in the tooth, it still is one of the best web page editors around. In light of the continued use of this web site by many visitors, and the recent demise of the famed CHPTALK mailing list, I have formed a new mailing list using Yahoo's Groups service. Its stated purpose:

Forum for users of Claris Home Page (formerly a product of FileMaker Corporation) to discuss web page creation, share information, and get support. While no longer actively developed, CHP is still one of the simplest, easiest to use web page editors.

To subscribe, send e-mail to
To post a message, send it to

February 25, 2002
The Status of the Unofficial CHP FAQ
Several years after Filemaker Inc. abandoned the product, many devoted users are still making great web pages. This web site has remained practically unchanged for the past several years (I got busy and went through college), yet it is still a valuable resources for many, and I continue to receive e-mail daily asking for assistance. Sadly I have been unable to answer much of it. Recently, I have decided to again make an effort to update and improve this site. That means I need two things from you, the reader:

  • One, I need to know what information to add... I will be participating in the CHP FAQ discussion group to get a sense of the need. So please, sign up and post your questions there.
  • Second, please help support my time working on this website. I'm not exactly starving or anything, but the time I devote to this is time I can't spend earning money. It's really easy... if you will be doing any shopping at, just use one of the links on this site. The more support you provide, the more I'll be able to work on this site.



Janaury 18, 1999
Unofficial CHP FAQ an Associate
You can order books about Home Page, web design, and scripting, or anything you desire from the brand new Books page.

January 3-7, 1999
MacWorld Expo news mixed
FileMaker Inc. focused on FileMaker database product, but Home Page still visible in displays and literature. Representatives fuzzy on CHP's future role, hinting at possible upgrades and maintaining that CHP will continue to be used for customizing databases published on the web.

November 1998
Home Page important in FileMaker's lineup
According to post from FileMaker on CHP Talk.

Spring 1998
Claris Corporation transformed into FileMaker Inc.
Claris -> FileMakerA major restructuring was announced for Claris, the developer of Home Page. All products except for FileMaker and Claris Home Page transfered to Apple.

January 1998
Claris Home Page 3.0 released
Released in January 1998, CHP 3.0 was a great advance in our favorite HTML editor. I have some notes on the new features.

WInter 1997
Stop Messing With My Code!!!
Find out how to keep your HTML code the way you want it to be on the Fixes page.

If you have something to add to the FAQ, just send me your Question/Answer. I am not responsible for the accuracy of information on this site, though I try to keep it current.

A BinHexed and Stuffed version of this FAQ is available on the CHP Add-Ons page under CHP Resources.

This is an attempt to consolidate the available information on FileMaker's Home Page (formerly Claris Home Page) otherwise known as CHP. If you don't find the answer to your question here, join the CHP FAQ mailing list by e-mailing, and post your questions there.

The CHP Wish List is a forum for presenting suggestions for the next version of CHP where other users may view and comment on wishes. It is also currently off-line. I am looking at a way to bring it back.

I am not affiliated with FileMaker Inc., nor was I with Claris Corporation, and this site is a private endeavor without support from Claris.

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