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Software and Bundles Page

Libraries, Dictionaries, and Bundles.

Slowly add-on software for CHP has appeared. Here's what I am aware of so far:


Ken Tidwell's "KMT CHP Libraries" contact:

Calendar Library - Three different styles of monthly calendars (Hi Tek, Black and White, Chiseled) in GIF format. 189k (Macintosh)

Math Symbols Library - 141 Greek math symbols in GIF format for those who need equations on their pages. 40k (Macintosh)

Educator's Pak Library - B/W and color images in GIF format for use with Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Winter, Christmas, and New Years related home pages and sites. Includes a bonus library of Newsletter related images. There are six categories with a total of 142 images. 1.0mb (Macintosh $15) (Windows version expected soon)

My own humble contribution:

Marcin Jeske's CHP Templete Library contact:

CHP Templete Library 1.1 - HTML calendars (drag them to your page and fill them in with events and important dates) preformated for maximun portability. Now includes November 1996 to May 1998. Also a templete for a FAQ page, and a simple frame templete. Comments, questions, suggestions to <>. 8k (Macintosh)



CHP uses Claris' common dictionary, thesaurus, and hyphenation files, which can be accessed by practically all Claris products: There are now two generations of Claris dictionaries.

For FileMaker 4.0 and higher, and Home Page 3.0 and higher:

Afrikaans, Catalan, US English, US English Medical, UK English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Swiss German.

For FileMaker 3.0 and lower, Home Page 2.0, ClarisWorks (AppleWorks), Claris Emailer and ClarisImpact:

US English, UK English, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and Swiss German.

All these dictionaries are now included on one CD, available from FileMaker for US$49.

Information about Claris Language Kits is available from Claris' web site.



ClarisWorks Internet Edition

Web Page

ClarisWorks, Claris Home Page, and Apple Internet Connection Kit bundle (


The bundle includes: ClarisWorks 4.0 with customized small business stationary templetes, the Apple Internet Connection Kit (Macintosh version only), Claris Home Page 2.0, the Internet Yellow Pages, and The ABC's of the Internet on, plus demo versions of several Claris Applications, on one CD-ROM.

The Windows 95 version additionally includes software for three Internet Service Providers, Netscape Navigator, and two more CD-ROM books.

Estimated street price is $99.

Created by: Marcin Jeske (

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