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This needs to be updated to reflect new structure, pages, and questions.

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General Questions:

1. Where can I get documentation?

2. What if I want to suggest a new feature?

3. What if I have a bug to report?

4. If I am in the CHP Talk list, how do I ...?

5. How do I align text and graphics and what are the differences between the <center>, <p align=center>, and <div align=center> methods?

6. What keyboard shortcuts can I use?

7. How do I change the length of a horizontal line?

8. What is the "Startup Items" folder?

9. Can I use a scripting system like AppleScript of Virtual Basic to control CHP?

10 What about CHP's problems with foreign characters?

11 I bought CHP but I think I am missing some part of the package. What should I have?

12. Is there a list of sites made with CHP so that I can see examples of CHP pages?

13. How do I work with QuickTime movies and other Plug-in files?

14. How do I set the "action" of a form on a page?

15. What are libraries and how do I use them?

Table Questions List

1. How do I assign a width or height to individual columns or rows in a table?

2. Why can't I make tables with more rows and columns?

3. Why does the Alignment pop-up menu in the Table/Object Editor show only the vertical alignment options and not the horizontal ones.

4. How can I set the background of a table or individual cells?

5. How do I add rows or columns to a table?

Frame Questions List

1. What are frames and what can I use them for?

2. How do I create frames in CHP?

Image, Color, and Backgrounds Questions List - Includes Image Maps

1. Why does CHP size missing images to 50x50?

2. How do I set the background color or image and colors for linked and unlinked text in my html document?

3. How do I set up an Image Map?

4. How do I set transparency and interlace options for my image?

5. How do I create picture links without borders?

Multimedia Questions - Includes plug-in and QuickTime info

1. When I try to insert a plug-in or applet into my page, I get an error. What should I do?

2. My multimedia files do not download properly from the web site. What should I do?

3. My multimedia files do not show up in the browser, whether they are on a server or on my harddrive. What should I do?

Link Questions - Includes Absolute vs. Relative Links and Base URLs

1. What is the difference between Absolute and Relative links? What is the Base URL and should I set it and to what?

2. How do links and anchors work?

File Questions - Includes Opening, Saving, Uploading, and Downloading with CHP

1. Can I open files in other formats besides text in CHP?

2. What is the best way to design a site locally and upload it to a remote machine?

3. What are the "Remote" CHP features and how do I use them?

Site File Questions

1. What are site files?

2. How do I set up a site file?

3. I am having problems uploading my site. What do I do?

Fixes Page - Workarounds for some CHP problems including changing fonts and fixing links.

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