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Claris and FileMaker sites:

A small note on the status of Apple Computer, Inc. and Claris Corporation and FileMaker, Inc., and some members of their product lines. Claris was restructured early in 1998 by its parent company, Apple. Most of Claris' product line, including the acclaimed ClarisWorks, was transferred to Apple. Claris was renamed FileMaker, Inc. in recognition of its flagship product, the FileMaker Pro relational database. In addition to retaining FileMaker Pro and associated software, FileMaker also kept Claris Home Page.
FileMaker is currently transitioning to their new site (, so most of their online resources, including those for CHP, remain at This may change, and the links below may get broken as FileMaker shuffles their web sites around. If you can't access a link, try going to the FileMaker site, and finding the information from there. If you find it, drop me a note so I can correct the problem. (I love links!)

Claris Home Page
FileMaker, Inc.

Claris Home Page product overviews:
Claris Home Page 3.0 at

Home Page 3.0 at

Claris Home Page support and resources:

Main Support Page - Includes a link to the best CHP resource. =)

Claris' CHP 1.0 FAQ - (Seems to no longer exist.) Fairly substantial list, but unorganized and outdated. Some entries may still be accurate.

Claris' CHP 2.0 FAQ - (Seems to no longer exist.) A really meager collection. I count three.

Claris' CHP 3.0 FAQ - A nice list of questions pertaining to errors and problems picked from FileMaker's database.

FileMaker Tech Info Library - This is a frame-based interface which allows you to search for articles on all Claris/FileMaker products.

Quick Training Exercises - Go over the basics of Home Page 3.0 or Homa Page 1.0.

Student Guide to Claris Home Page - (Seems to no longer exist.) This is a simple and nicely done page to guide students in creating web pages for their school, club, or for themselves.

Claris Home Page feedback

FileMaker's Home Page Suggestion Box

Claris Home Page download

FileMaker's Trial Download Page

Claris Home Page offers and bundles

See the Add-Ons page.

Claris-Sponsored Web Sites:

CHP Talk from Blueworld Communications

This is a mailing list for users of Claris Home Page to share tips, discuss, and solve problems.
On the web: home psge and searchable archives.

Third-Party Sites:

Thomas Reed's The Pixel Pen Web Publishing Guide

A very well-written guide to web authoring with some CHP-specific content (

World Wide Web Style Guide from Yale's Center for Advanced Instructional Media

Though I try not to list non-CHP links here, I have gotten requests for resources on web design, and I found this site, which seems to be well researched and presented.

Web Page Design for Designers

Yet another non-CHP link, but it is a good resource for creating good-looking web pages, and we definitely can't have enough good-looking web pages.

Web Color Contents Page by Noreen Doloughty

A series of color swatch pages for "safe" colors (
Claris Home Page Taught Here
The following links are to sites about classes and workshops
using Claris Home Page

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The sites below seem to have dissappeared:

Ken Tidwell's site is no longer available.

Dan Shafer's site

A guide to using CHP (

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