CS 669 Scholarship Skills Winter 2020

Day Date Topic & Notes
Activity Exercise Project Assigned Project Due
Mo1 Jan. 6
Introduction, Background Research
Chapter on Reading

Handout on reading

Skimming a paper
(Paper to skim)
Read handout and book chapter on Reading, and prepare for class discussion on 7th Jan.

Exercise 1. Due 19th Jan.
We1 Jan. 8
Core rules of writing: slides and book chapter.
Handout on Passive Voice

Find and critique an existing annotated bibliography. Due 13th January. P1. Annotated Bibilography
Mo2 Jan. 13
Literature search and review. Michael Bowman, Science Librarian

Jan 15
Core rules of writing, continued.

Notes on writing a summary
POWER Writing
Writing Groups

Find and fix rule violations (doc, pdf, pages, rtf)

Compare annotated Bibliographies.
Ex 2: Write a 1-page summary. Due 22nd January.

Mo3 Jan. 20
Martin Luther King Holiday
PSU closed — no class

We3 Jan. 22 Mechanics
(Book Chapter)

Using LaTeX.

Review rule-breaking activity
Peer review of 1 page summary.

Mo4 Jan. 27

How to Cite (book chapter)
Writing Math

Revise mathematics. (LaTeX source) P2. Rewrite 1 page summary from Ex 3

We4 Jan 29
Text elements Compare Proof presentations

P3. 5 min talk assigned.
P1 due
Mo5 Feb. 3
Lessons from Proj. 1

5 minute talk videos
(x, medicine, Archimedes)
We5 Feb. 5

Giving a Talk
storyboard & drafting templates.
David Garlan’s talk
Read SkillsBook chapter on Presentations.
P4. First 5 page paper assigned. P2 due (revised date)
Mo6 Feb. 10

The structure of a paper.

5 minute presentation by guest speaker
Feng: video, slides.
Nicklaus: video, slides
Ex 6: Review a 5-minute Talk

We6 Feb. 12

Your 5-minute talks

Ex 7: Find two graphics.  
Mo7 Feb. 17
Reverse Outlines Reverse outline P4 drafts

Ex 8: Peer review of P4 drafts   P4 draft due
We7 Feb. 19
Figures, Tables and Graphics. examine student graphics

Mo8 Feb. 24 The Conference & Journal Process

Case studies of Journal and Conference Publications

Ex 9: research a call for papers

We8 Feb 26
Science and ethics.

P4 final version due
Mo9 Mar. 2
RPE Papers and dissertations

P5. Second 5 page paper assigned.
We9 Mar. 4
Critique a 15 minute talk by Mark Jones
Discuss talk using RPE Rubric   P6. 15 min talk assigned  
Mo10 Mar. 9
Studies with Human Participants Further reading:
Usability Evaluation
Guidelines for Empirical Research
We10 Mar. 11

Your 15-minute talks

  Upload your slides to Piazza before 9pm Tuesday
P5 final version due
Mar 16
Your 15-minute talks

Upload your slides to Piazza before 9pm Sunday

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