PSU CS 669 Scholarship Skills, Winter 2020
One-page Summary — Peer Review

What can you usefully do in your peer review?   I suggest that you first study the grading rubric that will be used for the final version of the one-page summary paper.  It is outlined below.

  1. Conciseness (18)
  2. Clarity and simplicity (18)
  3. Core Rules (24)
    1. Use active voice
    2. Put key ideas in lead positions
    3. Don't make unsubstantiated statements
    4. Use a consistent lexical set
    5. Define terms when first used
    6. Avoid single-sentence paragraphs
  4. Mechanics (15)
  5. Grammar (16)
  6. Bibliography Format (4)

For each part of the rubric, can you

Beyond the rubric, it is often hard for an author to see the structire of their own writing through the words.  As a reviewer, you can comment on the structure of the summary. Was it organized in a way that made it the summary easy to read? Do you have suggestions for restructuring the summary? Should parts of the text be:

List the 3 best things about the summary. Be specific: explain why you found these things useful.

In your opinion, what items constitute the weakest part of the summary? Be specific, and suggest 2 ways that the author could strengthen these items.

Here are some other things that you might look for and comment upon.

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