Scalable Co-Verification Based on Hardware IPs and Software Component

Executive Statement

The goal of this project is to develop a component-based approach to scalable hardware and software co-verification of embedded systems using model checking, which unifies the concepts of hardware IPs and software components, leverages advances in assertion-based verification, extends effectiveness of compositional model checking for system-level co-verification, and facilitates verification reuse.

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In this project, we have developed an Embedded System Integrated Development Environment (ESIDE). Embedded system development using ESIDE starts with selecting a platform for embedded systems which provides the platform-specific libraries for architectural patterns and reusable components. Component-based co-design generates the  architectural specifications of the system and its components, which are utilized in both component-based co-simulation and co-verification together with the platform-specific libraries. The validated and verified designs are compiled to deployment images for both hardware and software by the component-based co-synthesis. There are feedback loops from co-simulation, co-verification, and co-synthesis back to co-design for reporting design errors detected.

The co-design and co-verification tools from ESIDE are currently available for download here.

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