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Dr. Smith retired in December 2015
Best contact is email: h5ts@pdx.edu
He can still be located in the
Engineering Building 2nd floor
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trevor smith

jonathan nasr 2015-2016 Graduate Student Assistant
The current geotechnical graduate TA is Jonathan Nasr. Jonathan completed his BS at PSU in 2015 and entered the CEE graduate MS program with a focus on geotechnical engineering. We are pleased to have Jonathan on board as the TA for CE341.
"After taking geotechnical design last year, I realized I had a strong interest in the geotechnical field. My summer internship with a local geotechnical firm furthered my interest, as I was given the chance to employ engineering judgement out in the field while working on a vast number of projects. Outside of school, I enjoy playing basketball, traveling and spending time with family and friends."

Discipline Overview for Geotechnical and Foundation Engineering

This civil engineering discipline entails the solution of all subsurface engineering problems. Geotechnical engineers are responsible for conducting and interpreting site investigations, the measurement of the soil's hydraulic and physical properties, and all subsurface design for civil structures. These include: dams, harbors, bridges, levees, retaining walls, tanks, tunnels, highways, and all major structures. The geotechnical discipline is now multi-discipline, skilled in traditional foundation engineering and in the maturing geo-environmental discipline to demonstrate sustainability. Geotechnical engineering calls for the blend of qualitative judgment with analytical solutions to meet the subsurface challenges in today's infrastructure.