Bart Massey In Depth
(Older Stuff and Smaller Pieces)

Older Work

Portland State Aerospace Society

Invited Talks

Reed College Colloquium: Fun With Puzzles And Games
Mensa Regional Gathering Invited Talk: The Machine With Two Brains
PSU CS 300 Guest Lecture: Z and Vers
Lewis & Clark Invited Talk: Yacht For One Or Two
PSU CS 350 Guest Lectures: NP-Completeness
NCAI (AAAI) '99 Robot Lab
SuperQuest '99 Invited Talk: Linux In The Classroom
PSU Weekend '99 Invited Talk: Games Computers Play

Media and Misc

Sangsuree Vasupongayya's winning Sigma Xi Regional Student Research Symposium Poster Contest 2006 poster
[PDF] Search Enterprise Linux Interview
2000 PNW ACM Programming Competition
Intel NW Science Expo student project: automated cryptanalysis
Samuel Sanseri's M.S. Project: Search-Based IA-64 Compilation