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If my home page hasn't yet convinced you of my commitment to non-conformity, the following links should.

Nerd Stuff


It's kind of sad how long it took for me to see the light and become vegan... but I have done it! Here are some useful links:


Since I became Vegan I started to spend more time cooking and have come to enjoy it. It may be my next career.

Cycling and Transportation Activism

Many people, including lawmakers, seem to think that cycling is a mere hobby. This is simply a strawman. It is no more true than to say that cars are a hobby. Bicycles are transportation equal to, if not superior to, all other forms.


... other than Phil Ochs, of course.


See my Chinese Junk Sailing Rig Links page for more links.


Books and Authors

Of what I have read, these are the authors/books that everyone should read... This is only fiction, non-fiction works are found interspersed throughout this page.



Religion is for people who are afraid of going to hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there


Here are links to things in/about various places I have (and will) live.

Portland, Oregon

I no longer live in Portland... but here are some things to check out when there:

Bellevue/Seattle, WA

I spent the first half of 2001 here. Seattle is a cool place and I wish I hadn't been stuck in the cultural wasteland on the wrong side of Lake Washington.

Burlington/Boston, MA

Moved here on St. Swithun's day, 2001. As with Seattle, I am stuck in a suburban cultural wasteland (except the mass transit is worse).


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