Trent A. Fisher

photo from Usenix LISA '93 photo by MHB Aug 2000

(Version: 3.12) GCS(!) d--? H++ s: a+ C++ UBSLAH*++++$ P++++$ L+++$ E+>+++ W++(-) N+@ K w---$ !O M-- !V-- PS+++ PE-- Y+>++ PGP? t+/* 5 X R !tv b+>+++ DI++ D+/--- G+(--) e++>* h---/* r+++ y++++

An explanation of what that giberish is can be found here.

Here are the things that I have enough interest in to maintain web pages for:

Phil Ochs -- a more talented contemporary of Bob Dylan.

I liberated myself from the tyranny of car ownership and now my primary transportation is recumbent bikes and trikes: Earth Cycles Dragonflyer (which is, sadly, no more), a Bike Sat R Day, and now an HP Velo GrassHopper.

For some strange reason, I collect Computer naming themes.

My father and I used to own a West Wight Potter sailboat. I also am quite interested in the Chinese Junk Sailing Rig, maybe someday I'll have such a boat.

I wrote a review of `At Large' by Freedman and Mann, since I was personally involved in some of the events.

Are we related? Check out my Genealogy.

For anybody interested, here are some of my professional accomplishments.

As you have probably figured out by now, I take my non-conformity very seriously, If you need further evidence, check out my Favorite Links.

Also, check out my new web site

"Life is a tragedy for those who feel and a comedy for those who think."

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