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This is an unofficial archive of GNU information. The FSF now has the "official" GNU web pages set up.

It is mainly a collection of information that I have collected over the years Much of it is either "historical" information or information that FSF does not keep in the software archives.

I also try to maintain links to all the GNU resources I know of around the web. This page pretty much represents all the information I have relating to GNU, so please investigate the various links I have here before sending me e-mail (unless you like the words "I don't know").


Specific Projects

If you know of any GNU or GNU related projects with web pages, let me know.

Pre-compiled GNU Software

Often people have problems compiling GNU software on their own (due to OS defficiencies, porting problems, &c.) So some kind people have made binaries available. I suspect there are more out there, so please let me know if you know of any others.

GNU Support Companies

The following companies provide commercial support for GNU software. There are probably others.

Other Organizations

The following organizations may be of interest to GNU enthusiasts.

Other GNU Web Pages

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