GNU Troff Info

This is a collection of information about GNU Troff. The software itself is available at any number of GNU archive sites. I was working on the GNU Troff Manual (texinfo source), but I was unable to get any further. In the meantime, here are some other resources:

The comp.text FAQ has some useful information about troff.

troffcvt -- troff-to-XXX Conversion Software.

Unroff is a Scheme-based, programmable, extensible troff translator with a back-end for the Hypertext Markup Language.

Daniel Quinlan has written troff2html a "troff" to HTML conversion program written in Perl. Supports the "-mm" and "-ms" macro sets.

Michael Haardt has written an improved deroff program (for removing troff constructs from a file)

Bell Labs has several Troff papers available here

There are also several books out about troff:

Partly as an exercise for me to learn more troff, I wrote a macro package for formating overhead slides for presentations. It is a fairly spartan package, but has some neat features, including vertical centering, and postscript frames around each page.

11-Feb-07 trent