GNU's Bulletins

The GNU's Bulletin is the semi-annual newsletter of the Free Software Foundation, bringing you news about the GNU Project.

The following are ALL the GNU's Bulletins.

If you would like a hardcopy, send your request to the FSF (including a small donation to cover copying costs is appreciated, but is not required). If you live in an area served by the US Post Office, please also include either: your address on a mailing label and $0.55 in stamps; or a SASE (Self-Addressed Stamped ($0.78) Number 10 or A5 sized Envelope). If you're from outside the USA, sending a mailing label rather than an envelope, and enough International Reply Coupons for a package of about 100 grams is appreciated but not required. (Including a few extra International Reply Coupons for copying costs is also appreciated.)

Most of the conversions to HTML were done by me except for two of them given to me by Sven Rudolph ( Therefore, send corrections to, as they may well be conversion errors.

If you want all of the bulletins, I have prepared a tar.gz file of all the txt and html files (it's about a meg, so I may remove it at some point due to disk space)