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Welcome to the Phil Ochs homepage.

Phil Ochs was a singer/songwriter during the 1960's (variously categorized as ``topical'', ``protest'' and ``folk''). He was a contemporary (and friend) of Bob Dylan. (who said: ``I just can't keep up with Phil. And he's getting better and better and better.'') He was a prolific writer of protest songs such as Draft Dodger Rag, I Ain't Marchin' Anymore and Outside Of A Small Circle Of Friends. His output diminished at the end of the 60's after putting out 7 albums. He wrote little in the 70's and, sadly, took his own life in 1976.

There are a few other Phil Ochs web pages: Dave Cohen (one of charter members of the mailing list and the author of the Phil Ochs Bio-Bibliography) has some Ochs stuff on his web pages, Tom Moore's Ochs site (in German), and Don Bartlett's Ochs Page

Phil's brother runs the Michael Ochs Archives the world's largest archive of music-related photos. Michael has been kind enough to allow me to use photos now owned by his archives. Unless otherwise stated, all images in this web site are courtesy of the Michael Ochs Archives.

Many people have contributed information to this archive. So many, in fact, that I have lost track and given up trying to maintain a list. Recently, I have been trying to list contributors names with their contributions. Almost everybody on the mailing list has contributed (whether they know it or not :-) Many thanks to all!

Contributions and suggestions are welcome, please send any transcribed lyrics, annotations or image files (or anything else) to trent AT cs.pdx.edu. If you have any questions, please make sure the answer to your question is not in these pages. Everything I know about Phil is on these web pages. In most cases, questions will probably get better answers if they are sent to the mailing list.

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