What's new on the Phil Ochs Web Pages

Here's what's been happening to these web pages.

I have put all the files for this web site onto GitHub. Feel free to contribute corrections or additions that way.
Added a transcript of the Ochs-Young interview From Interviews with Phil Ochs (Broadside 11) Minor corrections to some lyrics or song notes including: Paul Crump, Spanish Civil War Song, A Toast to Those Who Are Gone, Ringing of Revolution, Love Me, I'm a Liberal, Jim Dean Of Indiana
Wood Records has just released Poison Ochs -- A Tribute To Phil Ochs Added information about the long-list Ochs album Camp Favorites. Also added lyrics for the unreleased song They Were Ready for That Day and chords for We Seek No Wider War. And Bill Curtis unearthed these songs in copyright records: I Will Not Hurt You No Grave Gonna Hold Me
So, I finally update the Survey, and it turns out I didn't update with the newest edition. Now it's really up-to-date. Also added two songs which show up in copyright records but are, otherwise, unknown: I Will Not Hurt You and No Grave Gonna Hold Me With that, I'm heading out to see John Wesley Harding at Club Passim.
Added a page of Stories about Phil. Updated/added the following songs Yukon Air Crash, All Quiet On The Western Front, Just One Of Those Days, William Moore, The Ballad Of The Carpenter and Cross My Heart. And some new songs (or, at least, placeholders): Can't Stay Around Here Anymore, Killing Martyrs, Never Bet Against The Yankees and A Year to Go By. Many other minor updates.
Finally updated the Survey, and added the song Smash Flop Hits. Many, many other minor changes and updates, including these new pages: Smash Flop Hits The Art of Bob Dylan's ``Hattie Carroll'' The Torture Garden Cobbwebs
I just got wind that Wood Records is going to put out a tribute to Phil Ochs. Available in June.
Updated some links on the Related Performers page and added my current favorites David Rovics and Jim Page.
Just so everybody knows: I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, but I did move across the country, and, sadly, I sold my soul to the corporate state (well, more of a lease with an option to buy :-), and have been working long hours. I finally started digging through the backlog of updates, including a ton of lyric and chord corrections from Jan Hauenstein.

I finally updated the discography to reflect Collector's Choice Music bringing Phil's A&M albums out on CD. Here's a link to all Phil Ochs CDs

It's about time! It hasn't been a good year... and I've got many more updates queued up... Hopefully I'll get to them soon, for now here is the Latest Revised Phil Ochs Survey
I just got word that Phil's A&M albums are back in print, thanks to Collectors' Choice Music: Pleasures Of The Harbor, Rehearsals For Retirement and Gunfight At Carnegie Hall, Tape from California and Greatest Hits.
Updated the Latest Revised Phil Ochs Survey, and other minor corrections
More updates to the schedule of Phil Ochs Song Nights.
I added some updated info about Phil Ochs Song Nights, and updated the Latest Revised Phil Ochs Survey. Chords have been added to 22 songs.
I've been doing litle improvements here and there for some time. I have added chords and made other changes to lyrics of about 30 songs (too many to list). I finally added some more links to the related activist organization page. Many other minor changes.
I'm still catching up on my backlog. I added chords to a number of songs, began fleshing out the Related Organizations page, updated the Phil Ochs Survey (sorry I took so long, Bill!) and did many other minor updates. Still more to do.
I have been doing minor changes for nearly a month... It's about time I upload the changes.
It's about time! I've been busy on other projects for several months and have done nothing with these pages. I have set up an infrastructre on my home system (which runs GNU/Linux) so I can more easily and quickly update the pages.

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