Phil Ochs on Film

This page is an attempt to document appearances of Phil Ochs on film, TV, &c. Note that everything I know about these films is on this page, i.e. I do not know where to find them. If I did, I would share it. I welcome any contributions.

A Phil Ochs Movie?

In the liner notes of A Toast To Those Who Are Gone Sean Penn mentions his intent to make a movie about Phil. The status of this is uncertain, if you have any information about this let me know.

Alf Storrud says: ``Recently I was offered these for sale but turned it down since the price vas HIIIIGH!!!!''

``However these videotapes exist and the quality - I was told - was excellent/very good''

Looking at this list, I realize that I saw many of them. They were the ``opening act'' for Dave Van Ronk when he played the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, OR (21-Feb-97)

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