[cover]All The News That's Fit To Sing


Jac Holzman (production supervisor) Paul A. Rothchild (recording director)


 Date    Label    Number     Country   Format     Comments
 ----    -----    ------     -------   ------     --------
 1964   Elektra   EKL-269      US        LP       out of print
 1964   Elektra   EKS-7269     US        LP       out of print
 1986   Carthage  CGLP4427     US        LP       ??
 1987?  Hannibal  HNCD4427     US        CD
 2002      ??       ??         UK        CD
 2002 Elektra/WSH 8122735642   US/UK?    CD       2 cd set
I got a report of the latter, which is a 2 CD set together with I Ain't Marching Anymore and I just saw it in a record store.

Liner notes by Agnes (Sis) Cunningham and by Gordon Friesen

The CD includes two poems: Cobbwebs and The Torture Garden

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