The following measurement databases are available to the research community
The following packages are available to the research community
  • Similarity Code Used to compare whether two traces are similar or different.
  • MoRE/NS-2: Incorporates a network management package and visualization software to see how a node’s energy and other resources evolve over time. Useful for distributed energy-efficient computation.
  • ATCP/FreeBSD4.2: Ad Hoc TCP for multi-hop ad hoc networks. Standards compliant but 2 - 6 times more efficient than TCP.
  • FreeBSD 4.3 with SACK and FACK: FreeBSD4.3 distribution (New Reno) with SACK and FACK implemented.
  • Traces from our LAN used for Green Internet research.
  • Also see Jim Binkley’s page for Secure MobileIP software and related distributions.