Publications of Marek Perkowski in year 1988.

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    1. M. Perkowski, J.E. Brown, "An Unified Approach to Designs Implemented with Multiplexers and to the Decomposition of Boolean Functions." Proc. of the 1988 ASEE National Conference, Portland, Oregon, June 19-23, 1988, pp. 1610-1619.
      Paper in Postscript.
      Paper in PDF.

    2. M. Helliwell, M. A. Perkowski, "A Fast Algorithm to Minimize Multi-Output Mixed-Polarity Generalized Reed-Muller Forms," Proc. of the IEEE/ACM 25-th Design Automation Conference, pp. 427 - 432, Anaheim, CA, June 12-15, 1988. Paper in PDF.


    1. M. Perkowski, P. Wu, "A New Approach to Exact Minimization of Boolean Functions with Multiple-valued Inputs," DIADES Research Report No. 38, Version 1.00, 114 pages, December 12 1988.

    2. M. Perkowski, D. Smith, J. Liu, P. Wu, et al., "Final Report to Sharp Microelectronics about DIADES system implementation," SHARP Microelectronics Technology, 3 volumes, August 1988.

    3. Perkowski et al, Expert system for logic minimization.

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    Publications of Marek Perkowski in year 1988.