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Dr. Christopher M. Monsere is an Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering in the Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science at Portland State University. Dr. Monsere's primary research interests are in the areas of multimodal transportation safety; management and dissemination of large transportation datasets; and improvements in transportation operations. Dr Monsere is the past co-chair of the Transportation Research Board's Safety Data, Analysis, and Evaluation committee (ANB20) and a past member of the TRB Task Force to develop the Highway Safety Manual (ANB25T). Monsere received his BCE from the University of Detroit Mercy; his MSCE and Ph.D.with an emphasis in transportation from Iowa State University. Dr. Monsere is licensed professional engineer in the state of Oregon.

Contact Information

Christopher M. Monsere
Portland State University
Associate Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Maseeh College of Engineering & Computer Science
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751
Phone: 503-725-9746 Fax: 503-725-5950
Office: 202K Engineering Building
1930 SW Fourth Avenue, Portland, Oregon 97201