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CE 450 / 550 Transportation Safety Analysis

Incorporating safety in highway engineering and transportation planning. Includes highway design, operation, and maintenance, as well as human factors, statistical analysis, traffic control and public policy. Design concepts of intersections, interchanges, signals, signs and pavement markings; analyzing data sets for recommendations and prioritization; principles of driver and vehicle characteristics in relation to the roadway

Link to most current syllabus

CE 493 / 593 Design and Operation of Bicycle and Pedestrian Infrastructure

Design and operational concepts in the engineering design of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in on-road and shared path locations. Specific topics include basic geometric design, intersection and signalization considerations, and amenities supporting non-motorized modes.

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CE 414 / 514 Transportation Seminar

This weekly seminar features a different speaker each week covering various topics in transportation research and practice. The seminar is open to the public. PSU students may take the seminar for one-unit credit. Course objectives: • Introduce students to a variety of current transportation issues and topics; • Provide an opportunity for students to interact with local professionals in the transportation field; and • Provide a forum for students to present the results of their research.   

Find a link to the most current syllabus and the list of current speakers scheduled at this link

CE 554 Introduction to Multimodal Transportation Engineering Data Analysis

An introduction to multimodal transportation engineering data sets through applied analysis and visualization techniques. The course includes an overview of data types, techniques for graphical analysis of data, and exposure to common software and statistical tools and visualizations in transportation engineering.   

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Link to the text book I created for the course (and all data sets)