CS410/510SS: Search and Scheduling
Winter 2000

This is the home page for the Winter 2000 offering of CS410/510SS: Search and Scheduling. It is currently being offered Tuesday evenings in Lincoln Hall Room 247. A course syllabus is available. For further information, please contact Bart Massey.



(Those experimenting with departmental computers must follow the ``safety guidelines''.)
  1. Find A Scheduling Problem
  2. Brute Force Schedule Packing
  3. ``Intelligent'' Shift Packing
  4. Course Project


  1. Introduction
  2. More About Search and Scheduling
  3. Systematic and Local Search Techniques
  4. Scheduling Spaces and Heuristics
  5. Realistic Scheduling Problems
  6. Case Study: The Aircraft Assembly Problem At CIRL
  7. Case Study: Squeaky Wheel Optimization


Extra Credit

Some ``extra credit'' (as discussed in class, this is a goodwill sort of thing rather than being worth specific points) is available.


The CS dept. office has sent a message telling how to find out about weather-related class cancellations.

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Last Updated: 2000/2/15