All the programs you write in this class will be in C++, because the graphics toolkit for this class, OpenGL, is intended for use with C/C++ and the interface toolkit for this class, FLTK, must be used with C++. The CS department offers CS 202 for learning C++. Students who take this course presumably should have taken CS 202 or its equivalence already.

We recommend that your projects for this class run under Visual Studio 2019 (the Community version) . Please follow the tutorials below and download the right version of the FLTK library provided in the tutorials.  If you encounter any problem following these tutorials, please read the FAQ at the end of this page.

We provide some tutorials for you to get started. They are adapted from Prof. Michael Gleicher, Stephen Chenney, and Yuchi Lai's tutorials.

1. Working with Visual Studio and FLTK

1.1 "Hello World" using C++ with Visual Studio

1.2 A simple FLTK example

2. Working with Images

3. Working with OpenGL

3.1 OpenGL with FLTK 

3.2 User Input and Animation

3.3 Lighting

3.4 Texture Mapping

4. FAQ (You need to log in using your pdx email account to view this.)