[cover] Pleasures of the Harbor


Larry Marks


 Date    Label    Number     Country   Format     Comments
 ----    -----    ------     -------   ------     --------
  67      A&M     SP4133       US        LP       out of print
          A&M    pocm1917     Japan      CD	  out of print
  00      CCM  WWCCM0137x      US        CD
This is available on CD from Collector's Choice Music.

Liner Notes

I've been away for a while but I hope to be back again soon.
I'll return with a tune to show all was not lost on the naked moors.
From the razor's edge of a Lourvre of loveless beds a tone tossed across
an ocean of seas, pass the body please.
Some might mistake it for a coin it sparkles so over the waterless waves.
Others might suspect a falcon to attack their own flagellant flying saucers.
Now who would be that depraved certainly not the children of Chaucer's.
But it's only a filament of fantasy diffused through the stained glass
window of the haunted whorehouse
the last desperate laugh of a fool's passion
to say I have been faithful to the Cynara in my fashion.
And a toast to the pretender who dove between kegs of cognac
and floundered on the floor to be stabbed in the neck by straws
once upon a time we lived by laws.
From the pubs of London to the hills of Edinburgh a jealous journey
on the ecstasy side of tragedy. I watched my life fade-away in a flash
a quarter of a century dash through closets full of candles with never a room
for rapture through a kingdom had been captured.
And so I turn away from my drizzling furniture and pass old ladies
sniffling by movie stars' tombs, yes I must be home again soon.
To face the unspoken unguarded thoughts of habitual hearts
a vanguard of electricians a village full of tarts
who say you must protest you must protest
it is your diamond duty
ah but in such an ugly time the true protest is beauty
and the bleeding seer crawled from the ruins of the empire
and stood bleeding, bleeding on the border
he said, passion has led to chaos and now chaos will lead to order.
Oh I have been away for a while and I hope to be back again soon.

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