Software Downloads

The following packages are available to the research community

Similarity Code Used to compare whether two traces are similar or different.
MoRE/NS-2: Incorporates a network management package and visualization software to see how a node's energy and other resources evolve over time. Useful for distributed energy-efficient computation.
ATCP/FreeBSD4.2: Ad Hoc TCP for multi-hop ad hoc networks. Standards compliant but 2 - 6 times more efficient than TCP.
FreeBSD 4.3 with SACK and FACK: FreeBSD4.3 distribution (New Reno) with SACK and FACK implemented.
Traces from our LAN used for Green Internet research.

Also see Jim Binkley's page for Secure MobileIP software and related distributions.

Last modified: July 17,  2007