Homework 2: An Algebra of Sets.


This is a homework. It will be graded. It is due Wednesday, October 22, 2014.

In this homework you will learn to use the FiniteSet library. FiniteSets are a data structure which have been designed as a mechanism for aggregating propositional formula. The operators in the library allow programmers to create large numbers of related formulae using a high level of abstraction. The abstraction is finite sets of tuples, or as the databses folk call such abstractions, relations. The library supports an interface very similar to the relational algebra, and this exercise schools you in using these operators to construct FiniteSets with interesting propoerties.

Learning Objectives

Getting Started

You will need a few documents to get started.

Create a small file to start with that looks like this. Be sure you have the Prop and the FiniteSet modules where Ghci can find them.

Solution template
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module Exercise5 where

import Prop
import FiniteSet

What to do

What to turn in.

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