CS 321, Languages and Compiler Design, Project.

The preliminary project description can be found in the PDF document The Mini Programming Language

Project 1, the lexical analyser. Assigned Wed. Jan 31, 2007. Due Wed. Feb. 14, 2007.
SML-Lex examples.
Two mini-programs for testing.
The ml-lex manual.

Project 2, the parser. Assigned Monday. Feb 19, 2007. Due Monday. March 5, 2007.
ML-Yacc examples.
Boiler Plate files
The ml-yacc documentation.
A directory with Boiler plate instantiated dir
The ProgramTypes.sml file with the datatype declarations. ProgramTypes.sml
A solution to project 1.

Project 3, the type checker. Assigned Monday. March 6, 2006. Due Thursday. March. 23, 2006, at 5:00 PM.
The TypeCheck.sml. An ML file that implements a skeleton type checker.
The Proj3Base. A directory that contains a all the files to get started on the type checker.
A solution to project 2.

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