Professor Marek Perkowski


  1. The detailed class schedule for year 2007.
  2. You can find much information (but not all yet) in my book. My book in Postscript format.
    This part is about AND/OR logic covered in class.
  3. The second part of the book is here: Second part of book in Postscript format.
    This part is about decomposition. All topics covered in class are here and much more.
  4. Guidelines about preparing reports, exams, presentations, etc.
  5. Additional Recitations.
    1. Additional recitations (not mandatory) are in room FAB 150, every Friday 6pm-10pm.

  6. how to view the video
    1. go to
    2. click Perkowski: ECE 572/672 Advanced Logic Synthesis.
    3. input password synthesis, then click submit button.
    4. click the video you want.
Here I included previous class schedules, projects, exams and some solutions. There are many links here that can by used also for your current class and projects. The information contained there may be useful for 2005 class, especially in projects.

  1. YEAR 2006
    1. Problems for Second Midterm.
    2. Scanned lectures 2, 3, 4, 5.
    3. Description of projects is here.
  2. YEAR 2005
    1. Topics for the second midterm, Fall 2005.
    2. Second Midterm in Fall 2005.
    3. Topics for the final exam. Fall 2005.
  3. YEAR 2004.
    1. General Information about this class.
    2. The detailed class schedule for year 2004. The real topics covered in class at every meeting. What you see here is the predicted class schedule. I will update this page when the class will progress. New material will be added and old removed, according to class schedule, students' interest and projects.

    3. This is a general reading list of the class. Reading assignments to each topic. This includes slides, links, and assignments from Hachtel/Somenzi book. Depending on projects selection, the material covered each year will differ. You can find here some of my lectures for which I did not put slides to this year yet.
    4. Students who take the class and links to their webpages with homework solutions and projects. Year 2004.
    5. Guidelines about preparing reports, exams, presentations, etc.
    6. Basic Materials Related to Various Class Topics.
      1. Constructive Induction Approach to Machine Learning - Projects related.
      2. Topics in Data Structures and Representations.
      3. Resources, papers, projects, links related to Two-Level Synthesis and synthesis with few levels
      4. Resources, papers, projects, links related to functional decomposition
      5. Binary Decision Diagrams and other diagrams
      6. Lattices and their generalizations.
      7. Useful links and information about the group that we collaborate with in Germany
  4. YEAR 2003.
    1. Class lectures and schedule.
    2. Link to students' homeworks and projects for year 2003.
    3. Grades of students in year 2003.
    4. Projects assigned for year 2003.
    5. Absolutely minimum knowledge to get a decent grade in this class and succeed in projects.
  5. YEAR 2001.
    1. The class schedule for year 2001.
    2. Year 2001. Subjects discussed at additional class recitations on Fridays, Room CECS 54, 6pm-8pm. These meetings are not mandatory, but are highly recommended.
    3. Projects for year 2001.
    4. Issues to think about and raise your creativity. Year 2001.
  6. YEAR 2000.
    1. The detailed class schedule for year 2000.
    2. Projects for year 2000.
  7. YEAR 1999.
    1. Many papers in postript, related to projects in 1999, 1998, 1997.
    2. The schedule for 1999.
    3. Projects for 1999.
  8. YEAR 1998.
    1. Related to Projects for 1998 class. PLA, EPLD, FPGAs and Industrial Tools. Research groups. Links to WWW pages worldwide
    2. Projects from 1998 class.
    3. List of topics discussed and presented in 1998.
  9. YEAR 1997.
    1. List of class topics covered in Winter 1997.