CS587/410       Fall 2008
Relational DMBS/Database Internals
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Date Reading Homework Programs
9/30 8. Storage and Indexing   Minibase out, Buffer Manager out
10/7 9. Disks and Files    
10/14 10. Tree-structured Indexing 11. Hash-based Indexing Homework 1 out Buffer Manager in,
Heap File out
10/21 13. External Sorting    
10/28 14. Evaluating Relational Operators   Heap File in,
Hash Bucket/Index/Scan out
11/4 17. Concurrency Control Homework 1 in,
Homework 2 out
11/11 HOLIDAY    
11/18 15. A typical relational query optimizer   Hash Buckets/Index/Scan in
11/25 18. Crash Recovery Homework 2 in  
12/2 22. Parallel and Distributed Systems Final Review    
12/9 Tuesday 5:30-7:20
Closed everything final exam
(sched) in the usual classroom

INSTRUCTOR: Len Shapiro, len at pdx.edu

CLASS: T 5:30-9:10PM, Capital Center, SW Corner of 185th and Walker.

OFFICE HOURS: Tuesdays 10:30-11:30AM, Thursdays 2:30-3:30PM and any time I am in my office. I'd also be happy to make an appointment to see you at a time and place convenient to you.

PREREQUISITES: CS 3/586 or its equivalent, CS333/533 or its equivalent.

CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Internal design of a relational database management system. Concurrency control; lock managers; crash recovery; query and operator evaluation; query optimization; storage management; index structures; system catalogs.

GRADING: I will give a pre-requisite quiz the first day of class. If you do not take it, or do not pass it, then you cannot pass the course. There will be three programming assignments, worth 15% each. There will be two homeworks, worth 15% each. The final exam will count for 25% of the grade. Gradelines are guaranteed to be at least as follows: 90% or higher A, 80% B, 70% C, 60% D . You must have a nonzero grade on every assignment to pass the course. You have three free late days during the course. After that, 10% will be taken off for each day a program/homework is late, up to three days – after that, no credit is given. Paper Grader and TA is Tom Raney, at raneyt@cecs.pdx.edu .

NOTE: Programming assignments require a basic understanding of Java. The Microsoft program Visio is very helpful for drawing diagrams. Visio and much other useful Microsoft software is available free to CS majors. Email support@cs.pdx.edu and ask for an account on MSDNaa . Here are links to Answers to odd numbered question from the text, symbols for Word and symbols for Power Point. If you come to my office and I am with someone, tell me you are “in line” so I can properly triage.

TEXT: Ramakrishnan and Gehrke, Database Management Systems, Third Edition.

CHEATING: All the work you hand in must be written by you, or you must cite a reference. Violation of this rule may result in your receiving a grade of zero on that assignment, and failing the course.

MAIL: We will use a mailing list to communicate with each other. To get on this mailing list, go to https://mailhost.cecs.pdx.edu/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/cs587

ATTENDANCE:Attendance is not required. You may hand in your work in my office before class. However, you are responsible for everything that is said in class. Some material is not in the text or in the slides, for example questions are asked in the slides that are answered interactively in class. A wise strategy is to make a friend with whom you will share notes if you are absent.

MISC: answers to odd numbered questions from the text.