Leonard Shapiro
Emeritus Professor, Department of Computer Science
Portland State University
P.O. Box 751
Portland, OR 97201-0751

Ph.D., Yale University, 1969
B.A., Reed College, 1965 (Phi Beta Kappa)


Elected by PSU students as Outstanding Computer Science Teacher, 2002-3. 

Inventor of the Hybrid Hash Join, an algorithm used in all modern relational database management systems.

Two of his publications are among the 100 most cited articles in database research .

Published in computer science, economics, statistics and mathematics.

On program committees of several conferences, recently VLDB 2002 and ICDE 2002 and SIGMOD 2003 demos.

Expert witness work for companies including Oracle, IBM, Palm Computing and Cadence.

Database consultant to companies including AT&T, Informix, Oracle, Sequent, Intel and ADP.

Publications in computer science since 1965.

Program Evaluator for the Computing Accreditation Commision of ABET since 1987.




Member, Board of Directors: Our House of Portland

Vice President: Hospice of Washington County

Vice President of the Board of Trustees: Cedar Sinai Park

Vice President: Congregation Neveh Shalom

Volunteer Consultant in use of computers and the web for bus ontime information: Tri-Met.

Volunteer Computer Science Teacher, Costumier, and Speech Team Representative to Booster Club: Beaverton High School.



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“Computer Calculations of Fibonacci Entry Points” (with D.  Lind and R. Morris), pamphlet published by the Fibonacci Association of America,

September, 1965.



Assistant Professor, Mathematics, University of Minnesota, 1969-76

Visiting Professor of Economics, University of Minnesota, 1976-77

Chairman, Division of Mathematical Sciences, North Dakota State University, 1977 - 1985

Visiting Scholar, Computer Science Department, University of California at Berkeley, 1983/4

Associate, then full Professor of Computer Science and Business/Economics, North Dakota State University, 1977-1987

Chair, Computer Science Department, Portland State University, 1987-1994

Professor of Computer Science, Portland State University, 1987-

Associate Director, then Director, Data Intensive Systems Center (DISC), 1994-



Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Yale, 1965-66

NSF Graduate Fellow, Yale, 1966-69

Faculty Associate, NSF research grant in Topological Dynamics, 1969-78

Director, HEW Project in Computer Assisted Instruction, 1973-76

NSF Faculty Fellowship in Science (Mathematical Economics), University of California at Berkeley, 1976-79

Principal Investigator, NSF research grant in Efficient Information Flow in Business Organizations, 1979-81

Director, AT&T Computer Systems Training Center at North Dakota State University, 1980-85, training AT&T personnel in computer science.

Consultant, ComputerLand World Headquarters, 1983/4, developing their customer training program.

Coinvestigator, NSF research grant in "Database Management Systems in Operations Research", 1986-87

Coinvestigator, AFOSR research grant in "Distributed Database Systems", 1986-7

Coinvestigator, US Dept of Agriculture research grant in "Management Information Systems in Agricultural Economics", 1986-7

Principal Investigator, Tektronix grant in "Software Engineering Curriculum Development", 1988-1994

Coinvestigator, OACIS research grant in "Database Performance", 1990-91

Coinvestigator, Sequent and OACIS research grant in "Database Performance", 1991-92

Coinvestigator, Intel SSD and OACIS research grant in "Database Performance", 1991-92

Coinvestigator, ADP and OACIS research grant in "Database Performance", 1991-92

Principal Investigator, Sequent and OACIS research grant in "Almost Hard Lower Bounds for Sorting", 1992-93.

Principal Investigator, Sequent research grant in "Parallel Sort Performance", 1993-94.

Consultant, Sequent Computer Systems, 1994-5.

Consultant, Informix Corporation, 1993-96.

Coinvestigator, ARPA grant in Query Optimization and Execution, 1995-97

Principal Investigator, NSF grant in Query Processing, 1995-97

Principal Investigator, NSF grant in Query Optimization Engineering, 1997-2001.

Principal Investigator, NSF research and travel grants in Parallel Query Optimization, 1998-2001.