CS 491/591 Introduction to Security Home Page

This page is the home page for the CS 491/591 "Introduction to Security" class. There are a few details on the class (an overview) on this page, but in general more specific details can be found in the syllabus, which can be found below as a separate link. This page serves to tie together various class facilities including the syllabus, assignments, handouts, and on-line lecture slides. It is intended for the use of students in this class and will have links to documents useful for the class. For quarters when the class is taught, it describes the current class. Otherwise it refers to the last class taught.

Click on the coffee icon below to get to the information associated with the label. If you are wondering a coffee icon was used, you will find out as the class proceeds.

Class Overview

This class is an introductory class to computer security and serves as broad preparation for more focused classes in security. Please see the syllabus for more discussion of the class.

Class Syllabus Spring 2010 (htm)

The syllabus has basic information about the class, where it meets, outline of topics, books, grading, tests, assignments, lesson plan, etc.

Matt Bishop's Lecture Notes

Note that pdfs for the book chapters are available near Matt Bishop's home page:
  • slides for chapters

  • Jim Binkley's CS 491/591 course materials (including any lecture notes)

  • jrb's lecture notes, possibly other things etc.

  • related links of interest

  • PSU Information Security Policy
  • PSU CS 596 Network Security
  • PSU Center for Information Assurance
  • Ron Rivest Crypto web page
  • SANS (note sample security policies sub-section).

  • Email to Jim Binkley: