Jim Hook and Jim Binkley CS 4/591

Fall 2010

Class Mechanics:

Class meets on Monday, Wednesday, 6:40 - 8:30pm, NH 375 (note change from original).

Hook Office Hours: Tuesdays, 2-4pm (no arrivals after 3:30 please) or by appointment, FAB 120-05.

Binkley Office Hours: TBA


Lecture Materials:

Prerequisites: CS 333 (operating systems), CS 350 (algorithms).


Class Mailing List

There is a class mailing list, cs591 at cecs dot pdx dot edu. The web interface is:

Please sign up on the list. Critical announcements about class will be made on this list.

Students Requiring Accommodation

If you are a student with a disability in need of academic accommodations, you should register with Disability Services for Students and notify the instructor immediately to arrange for support services.

Term Paper Assignment

A term paper is due at the beginning of the last lecture. A title, abstract, annotated bibliography, and outline are due the day of the midterm. Assignment details here.

Calendar (with reading assignments):

Due to travel by Professor Hook, Professor Binkley will give the first two lectures. Professor Hook will give the following 10 lectures, including the midterm. Professor Binkley will give the remaining lectures and the final.

Lecture 1 (9/27): Syllabus, Expectations, First Crypto Lecture (Binkley)

Lecture 2 (9/29): Second Crypto Lecture (Binkley)

Lecture 3: (10/4): Overview, Usability pptx pdf slides pdf handouts

Lecture 4 (10/6): Electronic Voting and Access Control, Inro to Bell LaPadula pptx pdf slides pdf handoutspptx discussed

Lecture 5 (10/11): Access Control, Policy and Historical notes on Security, Bell LaPadula new pptx

Lecture 6 (10/13): Integrity Models; Information Warfare new pptx ppt pdf slides pdf handouts

Lecture 7 (10/18): Integrity, Fraud, Identity and Data Mining pptx pdf pdf handouts

Lecture 8 (10/20) Confinement and Virtualization

Lecture 9 (10/25) Access control and Information flow. pptx ppt

Supplementary material:

  1. Denning and Denning, 1977, available from ACM portal.
  2. Vincent Simonet, Flow Caml in a Nutshell.
  3. Flow Caml home page (I got the windows executable to work, but was not successful building the source distribution).
  4. A file derived from the flowcaml tutorial presented in class.

Lecture 10 (10/27): Midterm exam. In class. Closed book. Blue book exam.

Lecture 11 (11/1)Assurance and Evaluation [Hook] pptx

Lecture 12 (11/3):

Lecture 13 (11/8): Cryptography, Part 2 [Binkley], if time permits onto next lecture

Lecture 14 (11/10): Authentication, Design Principles, Tempest radiation [Binkley]

Lecture 15 (11/15) – continue previous if not done yet [Binkley]
Lecture 16 (11/17): Malicious Logic [Binkley]

Lecture 17 (11/22): Botnets [Binkley]

Lecture 18 (11/24): Intrusion Detection [Binkley]

Lectures 19 (11/29) Network Security [Binkley]

Lecture 20 (12/1) [Binkley]

Final Exam: closed book, no blue book needed.

Additional web resources:

Davis Security Lab Seminal Papers

National Information Assurance Training and Education Center