MC SAR & The Real McCoy

O-Jay (Olaf Jeglitza), Patsy (Patricia Petersen) [Left Band], Vanessa (Vanessa Mason), and Lisa Cork [Newest Member]

Space Invaders Album
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One More Time (Single) -- Released 3/11/97 (USA)
One More Time (Single)

June 2005 - I've never really had a lot of news or information here. It's mostly been about photos and discography. I designed this site in the mid-90's as a fan of Real McCoy. It was my first or second web site I'd ever created (and it looks like it). When Real McCoy broke up, I pretty much stopped updating this site, until now.

I received an email today from Olaf Jeglitza (o-jay). He has started a BLOG about Real McCoy and asked that I link to it.

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