Homework assignments for EAS 199A

Homework assignments require two types of solutions: engineering format and direct format. The engineering format is the standard method for presenting solutions to engineering problems and is described in this document. A sample solution using the engineering format can be downloaded.

The direct solution format is appropriate for problems with a straightforward objective that does not require a detailed engineering analysis. The direct format is described in this document.

When in doubt, use your common sense on which type of solution is appropriate. For most problems on most assignments in EAS 199A, the format of the solution will be specified in the assignment.

Problem Sets

AssignmentDue dateComments

Problem Set 1 Oct. 3, 4 Use the Engineering Solution Format
Problem Set 2 Oct. 10, 11  
Problem Set 3 Oct. 17, 18 This is updated from the version handed out by Dr. Weislogel in class on 10 Oct.
Problem Set 4 Oct. 24, 25 Note that code samples are available from the topics page
Problem Set 5 Nov. 7, 8 Desktop fan drawings submitted via a drop box on the D2L website
Problem Set 6 Nov. 14, 15 Download the rubric for in-class demonstration of the desktop.
Download the milling machine safety quiz, which is also on the last page of the assignment for Problem Set 6.
Problem Set 7 Nov. 28, 29