Joint Subspace Stabilization for Stereoscopic Video

Feng Liu1, Yuzhen Niu1,2,and Hailin Jin3

1Computer Science Department, Portland State University
 2Computer Sciences Department, Fuzhou University
3Adobe Systems Inc.

Shaky stereoscopic video is not only unpleasant to watch but may also cause 3D fatigue. Stabilizing the left and right view of a stereoscopic video separately using a monocular stabilization method tends to both introduce undesirable vertical disparities and damage horizontal disparities, which may destroy the stereoscopic viewing experience. In this paper, we present a joint subspace stabilization method for stereoscopic video. We prove that the low-rank subspace constraint for monocular video [10] also holds for stereoscopic video. Particularly, the feature trajectories from the left and right video share the same subspace. Based on this proof, we develop a stereo subspace stabilization method that jointly computes a common subspace from the left and right video and uses it to stabilize the two videos simultaneously. Our method meets the stereoscopic constraints without 3D reconstruction or explicit left-right correspondence. We test our method on a variety of stereoscopic videos with different scene content and camera motion. The experiments show that our method achieves high-quality stabilization for stereoscopic video in a robust and efficient way.

Feng Liu, Yuzhen Niu and Hailin Jin. Joint Subspace Stabilization for Stereoscopic Video
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