(CycleOregon pictures are listed below)

From Unreach the Beach, 29th May 2000

From the Cyclocross meet at Alpenrose, 19th November 2000.

From Nanette's Inaugural Mt. Rainier Ride, August 2001

Bridge of the Gods Ride, 4th July 2003


Penny in the Valley

Raleigh Hills Ramble

The TBB Potluck Bicycle Ride

A 20-22 mile bicycle ramble around Raleigh Hills, Council Crest, and Washington Park. Best on a dry, clear day.

Andrew's Bicycles

After talking about the bikes piecemeal on the Cycle Oregon mailing list, I thought that it might be helpful to discuss them more completely all in one place.

The Harry Perry Touring Bike

My 1975 touring bike with the "Land Rover" gearing

The Customized Trek 2120

The bike that I built in the summer of '99 as an addition to my stable.

Cycle Oregon

My Cycle Oregon XI (1998) Photograph Album

Rox Heath's CycleOregon Kit List (as posted to the CO mailing list)

Curt Coleman's profile of Larch Mountain Road.

Photographs of some of the CO forum subscribers.

Photographs from CycleOregon 2000

Photographs from CycleOregon XV, 2002.

Photographs from CycleOregon XVI, 2003

CycleOregon Weekend, 2005: the Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway (pdf version)

Team Bag Balm

The Team Bag Balm Photograph from Joseph Campsite


Other Cycling Stuff

Useful Links

Clifford Graves on “Velocio”

Cycling Site's Event Calendar

Cycling Map of Washington County

Curt Coleman's profile of Larch Mountain Road.

Map and mileage chart from the 1999 PWTC Torture 10 000 Century. The 1999 Torture 6 000 route was identical, but omitted the loop south of Sandy up to Eagle Fern and George.

Map and cue sheet for Bridge of the Gods ride. This cue sheet does not show the new bike path that avoids most of I-84. To get onto the path, as you leave Cascade Locks, keep RIGHT of the concrete barrier on the freeway entrance ramp.

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