CS441/541: Artificial Intelligence
Fall 2000

This is the home page for the Fall 2000 offering of CS441/541: Artificial Intelligence. A syllabus is available, containing much of the information you are likely to be seeking. In particular, the current course schedule is there.


Monday 12/4
The final is tonight (Monday 12/4) from 7:30-9:20 PM in PCAT 28. See you there!
Tuesday 10/24
The Midterm Key is up.
Monday 10/23
I want to do some more work on the midterm key. I'll try to get it up tomorrow.
Friday 10/13
Added links to syllabus, cleaned it up. Fixed office hours, TA. Posted welcome message to course list.
Tuesday 10/3
Fixed up the mailing list subscription instructions. Gave a little more detail in the homework assignment.
Tuesday 9/12
This page is finally up

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