CS510JIP Understanding Java Implementation (Winter 1998)

Instructor: Andrew Tolmach

Syllabus (postscript)


Here is a selection of results from student projects.



  • Jan. 8 Introduction; the Java language. (4up postscript)
  • Jan. 15 Java Virtual Machine specification. (4up postscript)
  • Jan. 22 JVM Specification (continued). (Notes incomplete.) (4up postscript)
  • Jan. 29 Internal structure of Java Virtual Machine. (Outline only.) Mini-interpreter source code
  • Feb. 5 Interpretation vs. just-in-time compilation.
  • Feb. 12 Garbage collection. (4up postscript) Deadline for agreeing on project/report topics
  • Feb. 19 Security for mobile code. (No lecture notes available.)
  • Feb. 26 Mobile code.
  • Mar. 5 Whole-program optimization. Project/report due.
  • Mar. 12 Wrap-up; presentation of student projects.

    Other Topics

  • General Java Implementation Links
  • Compiling to the JVM from other languages.