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Historically, classical computer concepts and underlying technologies have been invented by mathematicians and physicists rather than engineers. It was engineers, however, who took basic concepts and ideas and created the practical powerful and inexpensive computers of today. We believe that the same will happen in case of quantum computing. Currently there are several research groups and conferences in the field of quantum computing, quantum circuits and quantum information that are addressed to physicists, mathematicians and theoretical computer scientists. Although quantum computing is still in its nascent days, there have been experiments that successfully perform quantum computation on a small number of qubits. There is a growing group of researchers with engineering background who pursue active research in the area of what will become quantum computer engineering and there are universities who already teach "quantum engineers". In addition, the combination of quantum computing with various computational intelligence techniques (e.g. evolutionary computation, neural networks, and fuzzy systems) also lead to new research topics.

The Quantum Computing Task Force was established by the Emergent Technologies Technical Committee (ETTC) of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society (CIS). The main purpose of the ETTC is to "track, identify, promote, and nurture new and emergent approaches, concepts, and areas" (such as Quantum Computing) "in tangible ways such as sponsorship of conferences, symposia, and educational activities".

Task Force Committee

Chair: Guowu Yang, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
Vice Chairs: William N. N. Hung, Synopsys, USA
Martin Lukac, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
Members: Fabrizio Lombardi, Northeastern University, USA
Faisal Shah Khan, Khalifa University, UAE
Gerhard Dueck, University of New Brunswick, Canada
Hanwu Chen, Southeast University, China
Jacob Biamonte, National University of Singapore, Singapore
Marek Perkowski, Portland State University, USA
Mitch Thornton, Southern Methodist University, USA
Pawel Kerntopf, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
Rodney Van Meter, Keio University, Japan
Rolf Drechsler, University of Bremen, Germany
Xiaoyu Song, Portland State University, USA
Yun Shang, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Zairong Xi, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

Past Chairs

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