Professor Tugrul U Daim, Ph.D.

PICMET Fellow, and Editor in Chief, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

Research Team

Prof. Tugrul Daim PhD.

Professor Daim leads a research group on Technology Evaluations and Research Applications. His group has had more than 20 PhD graduates. He is currently advising more than 15 PhD students. More than 15 visiting scholars from all around the world have joined his group in the last decade. Professor Daim is recognized worldwide for his research leadership in roadmapping and forecasting technologies.

Angel Contreras Cruz.

Angel Contreras Cruz is a Ph.D. student at Portland State University where he is majoring in Technology Management. He received his B.S. in Industrial Engineering and his M.S. in Regional Development and Technology from the Institute of Technology in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is a Teaching Assistant in Dr. Tugrul Daim’s classes. His areas of interest are patent analysis, technology transfer, and technology forecasting.

Amir Shaygan

Amir Shaygan is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management at PSU. He has a BSc and MSc in Industrial Engineering. He also works as a student analyst in the population health team at OHSU’s business intelligence and advanced analytics department. His dissertation topic is "Technology Management Maturity Assessment in Health Research Centers" which focuses on developing a multi-criteria model that can assess technology management maturity and continuous learning in health research centers in university hospitals. Amir’s current research interests are multi-criteria decision-making models, learning health systems, technology adoption, and continuous improvement in healthcare organizations.

Aynur Kirbac

Aynur Kirbac is currently serving as a Research Assistant in the Operations Management and Marketing department at Izmir Katip Celebi University. She has been awarded special grants by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK 2209-2214) to support her undergraduate and graduate research. She has been also awarded a prestigious graduate degree scholarship for overseas universities from the Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education. With this scholarship, she earned her master’s degree from the Business School of the University of Leicester. Her main interests are related to technology intelligence,

Bridget Barnes

Bridget Barnes, MBA, MSEM, is Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland, Oregon. Bridget has worked at OHSU since 1999 and has played key roles in implementing and managing their business, student, research, and clinical information systems during that time. She has published and presented to professional organizations on application implementation and selection strategies, governance, and leadership. Bridget serves on various national and regional information system Boards and enjoys mentoring IT professionals for leadership positions.

Chih-Jen Yu

Chih-Jen Yu is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management at Portland State University (PSU). He has about 2 years’ experiences in Technology Roadmapping project for energy sector, 12 years’ experiences in Acquisition and Logistics Management teaching and research, 3 years’ experiences in Decision Analysis for Acquisition Projects, and 7 years’ experiences in Logistics Maintenance and Inspection. He received BE in Industrial Engineering from National Defense University in Taiwan, MS in Engineering Business Management from University of Warwick, UK, and MS in Engineering and Technology Management from PSU. He also holds Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.

Chip Corbett

Chip is a Reservoir Engineer, who currently teaches occasionally for NExT as a consultant. He is an internationally recognized expert in Field Development Planning, where he worked to spearhead novel interpretation techniques using artificial neural networks (ANNs) to relate seismic attributes to well log properties and use these relationships to distribute properties in sub-surface numerical models. He has a diverse technical background covering petrophysics, geophysics, geology, geologic model construction, and reservoir engineering. He ended his formal career as an Advisor, and the Reservoir Engineering Director of Software training.

Michael Clark

Michael Clark is completing his Ph.D. in Technology Management. His research interests focus on improving university technology transfer and research strategies. He currently teaches in the Management Department at the Oregon Institute of Technology and is the head of finance for the Washington County Cooperative Library Services (16 member libraries). .

Dana Bakry

Dana Bakry is currently pursuing her Ph.D. degree in Technology Management at Portland State University. She is interested in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem areas. She always tries to affect a parallel development, both the study of theoretical knowledge and her proficiency in practical application. Dana earned her master’s degree in System Engineering at Loyola Marymount University. In this program, she’s received a substantial education in the principles and application of the Systems Engineering discipline. Dana graduated from King Abdul Aziz University, with a B.S. in MIS. She has learned and applied practical knowledge in a great variety of fields.

Esraa Bukhari

Esraa Bukhari is a full-time student who’s currently working on Ph.D. in Engineering & Technology Management. She has completed BSc in Business Administration, MSc degrees in Engineering Management, MSc Quality Management, and as. My research interests focus on forecasting technology trends in E-commerce, digital transformation and retailing technology, and quality management and control.

James VanHuis

James currently works as a Program Manager in product development at Leupold and Stevens, Inc. He is a licensed Professional Engineer and a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). He is currently pursuing a PhD in Technology Management at PSU. His research interest is project evaluation and selection using multi-criteria decision making models integrating corporate strategy.

Oussama Laraichi

Oussama is a business analytics professional evolving in the Healthcare IT industry. His Ph.D. research is driven by his professional field as he has sustained interest in the impact of technology on clinical decision-making. He is currently working on multi-criteria models to evaluate Clinical Decision Support Systems. Oussama holds a BSc in Computer Science and a MSc in Management Information Systems from the University of Bordeaux. In addition to his full-time job and Ph.D. research, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children, maintaining his swimming skills, and advocating for Sustainable Development.

Soheil Zarrin

Soheil is a Ph.D. student in Technology Management; He is designing a novel method to quantify and evaluate the customer-centricity of the organization through Maturity Models. He possesses 15+ years of experience transforming business strategies into actionable roadmaps, ensuring the smooth release and deployment of data and software products. Trusted liaison for customers, executives, and the development team, fostering open communication and demonstrating complex technical concepts for non-technical audiences.

Sultan Alghamdi

Sultan A. ALGhamdi, a Ph.D. student in Engineering and Technology Management at Portland State University. His research revolves mostly around the areas of e-payment, e-commerce, and fraud software. Currently, he is writing his dissertation on Electronic Payment Technology: Developing a Hierarchical Decision Model to Evaluate a Fraud Detection and Prevention System for the Airlines Industry.

Zhang Hao

Zhang Hao is a visiting scholar from China, majoring in medical informatics, and obtained his medical doctorate from Jilin University in December 2019. Currently he is working as a postdoctoral fellow at Shenzhen University, China. His research directions include technology mining, patent analysis and medical data mining.


Ashwaq is a first-year Ph.D. student in Technology management at the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science, advised by Dr. Tugrul Daim. Her master’s thesis explored new approaches to energy saving materials and solar systems for residential buildings. Ashwaq’s current work is focused on future energy and environment. Her research focuses on Green Buildings, applications of smart buildings’ operation (zero energy building ''ZE''), and by using green materials to enhance green buildings technologies in KSA.

Fayez Alsoubaie

Fayez Alsoubaie is a Ph.D. student and a committee member of Portland International Center for Management and Engineering Technology at Portland State University. His doctoral research investigates Technology Forecasting and its Implications. Research interests are technology forecasting, technology assessments, technology road mapping, and decision making. He has done a recent publication on Technology Forecasting of the paper “Forecasting Technological Positioning through Technology Knowledge Redundancy: Patent Citation Analysis of IoT, Cybersecurity, and Blockchain.”

Ozgul Ayyildiz

After she began Ph.D. education at Boğaziçi University, she started to work in the Tüpraş R&D Center. She has been in charge of technology road mapping studies, R&D project planning, national and international R&D incentives. Her research interest is a multi-perspective technology assessment for the petroleum refining industry in order to assess the best technology alternatives for decarbonization of the energy sector. Mrs. Ayyildiz currently works as an R&D Incentives Manager in GOHM Electronics.

Farshad Saadatmand

Farshad Saadatmand, EMBA, MSFE, is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Engineering and Technology Management at Portland State University. He works as a Business Analyst in the business intelligence and analytics team at Mobile Technologies Inc. (MTI), a company that develops mobile device display technology and offers merchandising, mobile enterprise, and other related solutions. He has 7+ years of professional experience in business strategies and investment analysis and has been a trusted leader in running data-driven strategic initiatives across multiple sectors. His research focus is on developing a multi-criteria decision model that can assess the reliability and quality of quantitative investment strategies that apply data science and machine learning in their research process.

Abdalilah Owaishiz

Abdalilahis a Project Manager in the healthcare field. His Ph.D. research is driven by his experience, as Healthcare in Entrepreneurship is his motivation. He is currently working with multi-criteria decision models and Technology Roadmapping to assess healthcare growth and the effect of technology innovation on medical stakeholders. Abdalilah holds a B.Sc. in Computer Information Systems and an M.Sc. in Management Information Systems from The George Washington University.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haydar Yalcin

Dr. Yalcin is an Associate Professor on Information Management and Technology subject. His research interest is investigating the relationship between scientific productivity and scholarly communication. He is using data mining applications for extracting usable patterns to direct science and technology policy. He performs scientometric analysis and patent analysis on emerging technology subjects to prepare scenario-based technology management studies. He published many book chapters and articles in different national and international journals.