GNU Hurd information

There is now an Official GNU Hurd web page as part of the GNU web pages Future changes, updates, &c. will go there.

The Hurd is the GNU operating system. What follows are all the salient bits of info regarding the Hurd (that I know of).

There is an increasing amount of activity going on out there and it's getting very difficult for me to keep up with all of it. So, please, if you have any relevant information, corrections, &c. let me know!

Many thanks to Teddy Hogeborn for the icon.

General Information

The Software

Technical Information

Several people (besides the FSF :) have managed to get the Hurd running. (now that the alpha release is out, this section is probably of little interest)

Current and Past Announcements

These are all the announcements made over the years. Most of them were either to gnu.announce or to the hurd-ann mailing list (which is now gone).

Other stuff and related projects

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