Guest Lectures - Feb. 12, 17, and 19, 2009

Classes held Tuesday and Thursday 11:00-12:15
Cramer Hall 224

  1. Thursday January 12, 2009
    Guest Lecture by Tim Sheard
    Due Today:
    	Native American Film Festival, Monday Feb. 16, 2009
    Class Topic:
    	The Scientific Method
    	Scientific Method Activity - explaining experiment results.
    	Creating a scatter-plot in Excell.
    	Excell example
    	Computing the expected results
    Mentor-session Activity:
       Lab experiment instructions.
          tally sheet
    Assigned today:
    	Read chapter 2 and Chapter 9 from "Seeing Through Statistics"

  2. Tuesday January 17, 2009
    Guest Lecture by Yves Labissiere
    Due Today:
    	Reading chapter 2 and Chapter 9 from "Seeing Through Statistics"
    Class Topic:
    	Stistics and making graphs and pictures.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    Assigned today:
    	Read: Cordwainer Smith's Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
    	      Eileen Gunn's Stable Strategies for Middle Management, and
    	      China Mieville's Foundation
    		  To be the basis of class session Thursday. Bring hard copies to class

  3. Thursday January 19, 2009
    Guest Lecture by Grace Dillon
    Due Today:
    	Read short stories
    	  Alpha Ralpha Boulevard
    	  Stable Strategies for Middle Management, and
          Bring hard copies to class.
    Class Topic:
    	In this session, we will be discussing together three short stories: Cordwainer
    	Smith's "Alpha Ralpha Boulevard," Eileen Gunn's "Stable Strategies for Middle
    	Management," and China Mieville's "Foundation."   Please go ahead and read them before
    	this session and bring hard copies to class so that we can discuss them  in more
    	detail.  Note that they are available electronically at the "Assigned today:" section
    	for Tuesday Jan 17, above.
    Mentor-session Activity:
    Assigned today: